Are You Not Entertained?

What does your morning routine look like? Really stop and think about this for moment. For some people its the classic way of waking up – the alarm clock goes off, roll over to turn it off, rub your eyes and stretch, then finally get out of bed and start getting ready. However, for others (including myself) its just a little different. Your alarm goes off which is usually on your phone somewhere within arm’s reach so you roll over and turn it off (or hit snooze a few times). As your rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you text your significant other (or whoever) good morning. While you’re on your phone you might as well check all your social media right? Maybe play a few games too and check your email. Personally, I set my alarm at least a half hour earlier so that I have time to do all these things. If this sounds like you, you are definitely not alone. So many people in today’s world start their days this way. We are a culture of digital addicts. We constantly need to feel entertained throughout our day. From the moment we wake up to the moment we lay down at night, we crave entertainment.


Each day our world increases in methods of entertainment for us to consume. Just today, September 9, 2015, Apple announced all of its new innovations to their line of products. The Apple Watch has new colors and finishes and is even pairing with high-end fashion, Hermes, to add to their collection (whoop-de-do). However, on the software side, WatchOS2 will be available on September 16 with features like messaging apps and third-party integration. Apple announced the new iPad Pro and its features of a bigger, clearer screen. The iPad Pro is also thinner and has a longer battery life. You can play your games for hours on end! Apple also announced that they created a stylus, Apple Pencil, to go along with its iPads (about time, really). Apple TV is getting smarter as well. Siri can be voice controlled to find find categories, titles, and names, and make your Netflix binging so much easier. A new touch-capable remote that doubles as a gaming controller has been released as well. The remote also lasts three months per charge, so no more pesky batteries to replace and interrupt your entertainment! You can also ask Siri “What did he/she say?” for an instant rewind with added captions in case you missed what was said when you were too distracted by other forms of entertainment. There was also the release of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The new phones feature 3D Touch technology. Based on the pressure of your touch, items on your phone can either be previewed briefly or take you right to them. The new phones also feature a new A9 chip which makes your phone operate 70% faster for CPU tasks and 90% faster for graphic tasks versus previous models. More entertainment at faster speeds! There is also a new Live Photos feature which is basically Harry Potter in real life. The images you take will be animated and include sound, a sort of GIF-like effect. The creation of new entertainment and new technology is growing each and every day.


With all this technology and entertainment surrounding us on a daily basis, you can’t help but think about its effects on us in daily life. When is enough really enough? Are we getting addicted to all this stuff? I feel as if we are addicted to some sort of degree. Everywhere you go you are guaranteed to see someone will their eyes glued to their phone. A syndrome has even been developed out of this addiction to our cell phones – hypovibochondria. Otherwise known as phantom phone vibrations. Basically, we’ve become so addicted to our cell phones that we think we hear or feel the vibration of our phone even when it doesn’t at all. In a study done in 2012, nearly 90% of polled college students said that they have experienced this syndrome. Our phones and other forms of entertainment have become a part of us in today’s world.

So when you lay down for bed at night are you going right to sleep or does digital entertainment take control of you?

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