Is this leg long enough?

The first photography was taken on 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, this photo was filled with black and white blurry objects. According to today’s definition of good photography, it is definitely not one. And more importantly, this photo has not been processed with Photoshop or other modern photo-processing tools.
World’s first photograph

Why does people may think this is not a good photograph? Because digital manipulation has become more and more importantly in audiences’ judgement on different types of medias they see every day online. Photoshop is not only but the main tool people use to create picture like above today, as a DM major student who use Photoshop a lot, I always see photoshop as a tool which will let my creativity flow. Besides some digital arts I have created so far, I used Photoshop the most to manipulate photographs; why? Because my works and assignment require me to. When I am using PS(Photoshop) to make this guy’s face look more handsome even though he is not, I do not feel guilty or bad about it because the company I am working for needs to use this photo on their brochure cover page, and it needs to look good. There is a purpose behind it. In DM field, we do not do boring works, but we do works which fulfill people’s needs both physical and psychologically.

In the advertising world, PS has become more and more controversial. It can create beautiful artworks which can be also used in ads. However, most times, it is used to create exaggerative portraits of male and females who appear on fashion magazine covers. There are so many things you can do with PS to make a human look more perfectly which I am not going to talk more here. Despite of this matter of face, I think PS has nothing wrong itself, it is the people who is using PS created all these works, they are the people who should be responsible for the effects and impacts these works caused on audience. This is like whether people should have gun in America, it is not the gun which cause all the shootings and crimes, but the people who fire them. People should know what they are doing when they have the proper and sophisticated tools on their hands, they need to know what their purposes are. I do not have the right to tell people whether their purposes are right or wrong, but I do know what my own purpose is when I am using PS.
Photoshop Manipulated photo used in Advertising

Not every one will find a super long leg girl attractive, neither do I. But sometimes when you just need to readjust this photo to get that not perfect but suitable photo you can use for a magazine cover, a website banner or your own portfolio. When you have the chance and time to make a photo look better, and serve better for your own sake, why don’t you do it? And I think every one should be learning how to use PS and other creative tools now, some people may think this will lead to more and more worse manipulated photos, and overused-photoshop-commercial photos; but I think if you limit the access and chances for people’s creativities, then you do not even have the chance to determine whether their works are good or not. We need to learn to embrace new ideas and also face the problems which will come up as time moves on, new ideas may go to various directions which we cannot predict.

The leg may be never long enough for some audience or manipulators, but what really matters is people like us who have these professional skills in this field know the meaning and purpose behind our actions. I think each work we make in DM field always has a specific meaning and represents something from its creator no matter how ridiculous or “wrong” it looks to others.

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