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In China and Japan, there is a saying that “Failure is the foundation of success.” I grew up listening to this sentence hundreds times in school and home, and I have been following and practicing this saying since I first learned it in class. No matter how many times I failed, I cannot give up because I am not done with it yet. Every time I am learning from each failure because it always provides unique inspirations and experience to stimulate new ideas, and approach to success closer and closer.
What I feel when I fall from my bike

I did not learn how to ride a bike until I was twelve, the reason was because I was afraid of falling from the bike. My mom just left me a crapy bike, and then taught me how to keep balance and paddle. After that, she just left me there. I was really upset and annoyed after my mom left me there because I did not like falling from the bike at all, or in other words, I did not like getting hurt. After couple rounds of riding this bike on a long flat trial, I decided to ride on the road where there are lots of traffic. Right after I got on a main road, my bike scratched the side of road, and it fell so easily that I did not even realize I fell on the ground. At that moment, I was really disappointed and embarrassed; I did not want to ride my bike anymore, but I remembered that saying I learned in school, one failure also cannot determine everything. I went back to my bike and kept riding on the road. Apparently, I fell couple more times after the first time, but every time I fell, I saw it as a chance for me to learn and move forward, I did not care about if it hurts anymore, I cared about if I can learn how to ride a bike now. In the end of that day, I would not say that I learned how to ride a bike, but I was confident to say that I fell a lot, and I was not done yet because the final success needs to be built upon the accumulations of constant failures.

Riding bike is a small and simple example in life, when I see this idea of constant failing in digital media field, it becomes

Experiment, fail, learn and repeat. Source:
Experiment, fail, learn and repeat. Source:

more practical and interesting. In DM, the boundary between success and failure is really vague, they should be named as “experiments“. All I do in DM is to try different styles and techniques to see if they work, I definitely need to have my own style, but I cannot stop trying new things. In photography, I learned all the rules such as rule of thirds, leading lines and etc., then I tried to break them, when I fail, it is a good chance for me to reconsider my thinking process, and decide which steps was not working during the actual shooting process, that is an experiment. This experiment is kind of different that the ones in science lab, we know a little bit of what we are doing, but we did not expect to really come up with some precise numbers or solid conclusion about a theory. We just want to see if this one will work, if not, we will create a new one. The interesting part is the process of trying different things through hundreds or millions of times no matter what the result looks like.

Like the tile said, I am not done with this yet, maybe there is an end for a normal marathon, but for me, there is no end on the road of trying and creating new things, never give up does sound hard, but once you realize failure is the interesting and fairly useful parts where you need to go through for whatever you are doing, that is when the real joy starts to appear. Remember, you are not done yet!

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