Are there anything I can think of is not a remix in digital world now? Probably not. Even the computer we are using now is combination of different technologies which have already existed. In order to create something, you need your own imagination but also you need to know what you are creating and what it looks like in real life. People think creativity comes from nowhere but artists’ brains, as a person who basically remix things every day, I will say, “No”. Creativity depends on real life, like art, it is from real life, but it is more beautiful and meaningful than real life; that applies to creativity too. It is not that complex, but it is truly amazing when you realized you just created something new by remixing something old together.

In photography class last semester, I made a photo montage. It is definitely remix since I have probably around 6 pictures in there, three of them were taken by me; and I found the rest online. Every time I look at it, I always realize that there are seven objects and two people in this picture, they already existed before I decided to put them together. But what I created is a aggressive montage which implies my interpretation of the future; does it really convey my thoughts about the future? Probably does. Is it really something new or an artwork? I would say yes because this piece of work does not exist until I finished editing all the objects in Photoshop; as for artwork, it depends on where you see it. If it is in an contemporary art museum, yes; if in a Catholic church, no.

Made by Jack Wang
Aggressive Montage made in DM341

Remix started from music industry, but look how far it spreads out today. Video, art, photo and even other fields that does not require too many creativities.Remix even happened in daily life. For example, when I was cooking yesterday, all I have left in the fridge is some green peppers and eggs, and some rice left from yesterday’s meal. So I just sautéed the peppers with the eggs which have already been fried, then mixed the rice in them, add some salt and sesame oil; I just made a green pepper eggs fried rice. Is this a new dish? No, because someone else may make this before; but this is a new dish for me and my stomach, I just remixed those food together to make a new one, and it tasted really good.
Yeung Chow Fried Rice, a mixing of different vegetables and meat in Chinese cuisine.

When a new thing was first invented or born, it did not catch people’s attentions. People are used to old things which they think they are comfortable using them, it always takes time for new things to evolve, develop and finally take over the position in people’s mind. For me, this is how new trends and technologies work in digital world, before iPhone was first released in market, there were no phones which have multi-touch technology; after that, almost every single smartphone today is using this technology, it is not a new thing anymore since the iPhone 6S was equipped with 3D touch which is still multi-touch, but for consumers, this is a new thing. Multi-touch had been used by a toy company for couple years before Apple used it on its new phone. That works for trends in design, film and music too. What audience and consumers do not know about these “new things” are that they are just a combination with various technologies and thoughts which already existed for years.

When the first car was invented by Karl Benz, people thought it was a monster, now it became a normal and most widely used transportation tool in the world; when lightbulb was first invented by Thomas Edison, every one was using coal gas bulb which produced a lot waste and noise, now we cannot live without it; when the internet was first used on computer, most people did not even know what it is, now it connects people in the world all together. These famous and infamous inventors all know that what they did was just remix the already existed ideas and objects together, and made a new one. But why do we call them “inventors” and “creative people”? Because they think ahead of most people and are willing to make that first step though being called a “weirdo”.

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