The Hardest Job

I am the Digital Media director for WGRN.  On the surface it probably doesn’t seem that difficult, I take photos, make posters, post reminders for events, I’ve made a few videos even.  I enjoy doing that stuff, the problem is that I’m doing it for a radio station.  A radio station.  Let that sink in for a minute.  I make visuals for something that isn’t visual.  So why do I do it?  Simple, because it’s relevant.

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*Video made for to recap the Homecoming Parade*

Radio is a dying art form.  There are still people who will listen to the radio, but usually those are the people who grew up before the digital era.  For the most part, people will use other mediums to listen to their music.  While driving, I tend to listen to CD’s instead of radio.  If I had an auxiliary port, or a cassette player, I would connect my phone and listen to my own collection.  Other people would probably use Spotify, Pandora, or youtube to listen to music.  If there are other options for listening to the music available, people probably would avoid listening to the radio.

Fall 2015 WGRN Staff

My job is to take this dying art and make it relevant.  That is one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever come up against.  Don’t get me wrong, I love WGRN, and I enjoy what I do.  That being said, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  With the radio station I don’t do much in terms of operations for the station.  I didn’t take radio station operations, so I shouldn’t be trusted with the equipment.  The closes I come to that is helping move equipment for events.  Even if I could do something with operations, with a limited audience, there isn’t much I could do to increase exposure for the station.

So what can I do?  I combine my digital media skills with social media.  I take the nonvisual art of radio, and I advertise it using visual mediums.  I can be found running around at events like the all college hike, back to school bash, and football games taking pictures.  Anywhere you’ll find WGRN broadcasting coverage or playing music, you’ll likely find me.  Surprisingly people don’t often realize we have a radio station.  When you think about it, it’s kind of cool that we do.  In tagging people however, I have the opportunity to raise awareness for the station.  In doing so I’ve gotten the station’s facebook page from 480 likes to 515 likes in a semester.  I’ve also moved the station from the mid 20’s in social media statistics to a record 10th.  That means that we’ve greatly increased our reach through social media.

Poster made for upcoming WGRN video game tournament

Before I took up the mantle of digital media director, it was up to the other directors to post content.  It’s a safe assumption that not much content was posted.  In increasing the station’s social media presence we’ve been able to document events that we’re present at and potentially increase our listening base.  I’ve even started listening to WGRN through the TuneIn Radio app while doing homework.

It’s been a lot of fun overall to work for a radio station, despite my position being a challenge.  Whether it’s broadcasting the games on the weekend, chapel in the morning, or music throughout the day, WGRN always has something going on.  It’s been a blast getting to compliment the station’s content with my own work.  If you haven’t give us a listen to, I implore you to tune in sometime.  Whether you stream it from our site, through the TuneIn Radio app, or just through a good old fashion radio, there will always be something new to discover.  Don’t forget to like our facebook page for all the awesome content I make.  It might seem like I’m trying hard to press WGRN, but hopefully you’ll forgive me, it is my job after all.

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