The Success of Failing

Failure can be a beautiful thing. When it happens to us, we generally don’t like it. There’s a certain amount of dread and anxiety I associate with failure, whether I scored poorly on a test, stubbed my toe while falling up the stairs (a common occurrence, I assure you), or not meeting a goal I set for myself. It’s usually negative.

However, it’s merely one side of a coin. I’m a firm believer that failure can lead to really good things–if I take the time to learn from my mistakes and do something about it. It can be motivational. I don’t like the feeling of failure. It reminds me I’m not perfect and that I need to keep improving. Without this feeling, I don’t think I’d work nearly as hard to avoid feeling it again.

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Failure is the mother of success, in my opinion, because without the bitterness of defeat, I don’t think I’d have the motivation to push myself as hard as I can.

In short, I enjoy the thrill of success, and only through failure am I able to reach that place. If everything was easy, if I never failed at anything, I don’t think I’d go nearly as far.

But failure hurts. Losing hurts. It doesn’t just hurt–it sucks a lot. But it does not mean you are not capable or worthy of success.

Failure is how you learn you can do better. Success is the reward for doing better.

The real trick is in deciding that a simple success isn’t good enough, and that there are more hills to climb. Sometimes you can’t turn failure into successes, either. Despite what your mom and dad may have told you, you can’t do anything you want. Everyone has limitations.

But that’s another beauty of failure: Only through failure can you learn your limitations. Limitations exist for all of us. I have lots of them.

The truly brave, the truly admirable… those people find those limitations through effort, work, and ultimately failure. And when they can, they surpass those limitations.

Failure hurts, but it’s a beautiful thing. So…

Now go and learn from it.


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