Why does it suck?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why Christian movies suck?

This is something that has puzzled me for a long time. Why do I immediately assume that a film is not going to be good when I hear it labeled as Christian?

It’s because we think that because we have a good message that we can create subpar media and get away with it. Think about it. If you stripped movies like Fireproof or Courageous of the Gospel, what would you be left with?  A poorly written movie filled with randomly selected members of a southern white church congregation who wouldn’t even be cast into their community theatre. And yet, each of those films grossed millions in the box office.


Even when we try to be relevant, things get sugarcoated to be family friendly. I get the same feeling from these “powerful” movies as I do when I watch Bibleman. There is a great message, the most important message, behind it all. But the villain isn’t scary, the hero is too perfect. It’s not real.

Yes, I understand that they are wanting people of all ages to have the ability to watch and hear the Gospel, but life is not family friendly. Life is messed up. Life is perverted. Life, whether you are a Christian or not, is full of sin, and sin is disgusting. So why don’t we portray life how it really is? Why can’t we hire better actors to portray a life that is hard, dirty and not easily changed? It may mean that kids under a certain age can’t watch it, but that’s why they created VeggieTales and movie ratings.

Maybe that’s why people don’t take Christians seriously. In a time when even Disney movies are beginning to push the social norms, why is it that we still create happy go lucky movies with no real substance?

We need to begin to hold ourselves to a higher level, to begin to show our world as it truly is, a combination of the hardest struggles and overwhelming peace, the deepest darkness and the purest light. To display the war between sin and the Gospel as the difficult battle that it is, instead of quick fix.



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