Your Dream Job Does Not Exist

Over the past 4 years I have participated in 6 internships all to chase my dream job. I’ve worked for Global Expeditions where I worked as a graphic designer and project assistant within their marketing maxresdefaultdepartment for a year. I spent my first summer in Los Angeles interning for Dr. Luke’s Prescription songs which produces and publishes some of the worlds best pop songs. (ex. Katy Perry’s roar which I heard before it was released in Dr. Luke’s house and became my personal anthem). I also worked at Spectacle Entertainment Group under Andy Gould who is one of the music industries oldest players. A sweet older man who loves his rock’n roll, wine-thirty and parties. The next summer I spent in New York City working for my favorite record label, Glassnote Records. Their roaster includes artists like Pheonix, Mumford and Sons, Childish Gambino, Chvrches and Daughter. I also worked at Q Ideas in a trendy co-working space in Tribeca near Taylor Swifts apartment. I edited video after video after video, working with some of my favorite inspiring people in a start-up type culture where new ideas won. This past summer I spent in Portland OR working for The American Barista and Coffee School that teaches water-ave-pino-620x615coffee entrepreneurship and Water Avenue Coffee Roasters which has been making waves in the coffee industry the past year with their expanding roasting facilities and innovated point noir aged coffee beans. None of my internships were even slightly similar, and if I have learned anything from all of my experiences it is that your dream job does not exits.

I’m sorry if that bums you out. But news flash, there is nothing perfect in the world and your job is not any different. I, similarly to our American culture, have idolized my job and career. I get it, and honestly, I am still working harder and more passionately towards my dream job. But it has become informed by the understanding that what we pursue should be driven by our already given identity and purpose. Our job does not define us and our career will not fulfill us.

You may be slightly confused. I am telling you your dream job does not exist and yet I also told you I am pursing mine. That is because I don’t see the definition of dream job the same way I used to anymore. It is not a title with a one page job description, a specific set of skills and responsibilities. It is a purpose and reason. It is a why.

We should be pursuing our careers less and pursuing more of why we love what we love and why we do what we do. Because when you know your why you can do things with more perseverance and heart. You become more passionate. You become more effective and productive. You become more inspiring and your story becomes greater.

There is nothing wrong with pursing a specific job. I do still believe that we should talk about our golden-circle2specific measurable goals at the companies we want to work for or do work for. But knowing our why opens up a breadth of possibilities. Suddenly, we can see 10 additional more job titles and descriptions that can help us fulfill our why. Or we can think of 5 companies and projects we would like to pioneer because they also help you see your why come to life. We understand more of the people we want to meet and the places we want to go. Our capacities become great and our opportunities grow. Suddenly its less about the specific task you are doing and more about life. It becomes bigger than just you.

So, work towards that dream position at that one city. But also reach down deeper and dig further to discover your why. Work towards that and the world will open to greater possibilities.

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