Autosave Your Soul

Lately, I’ve been struggling with technology. Considering my major is Digital Media I can see how this is somewhat of a problem. But not in the technical sense, I found myself getting frustrated with it. I was feeling like it had become a parasite within my friendships, something that is always in the room preventing everyone from really connecting and interacting with one another. I didn’t want to be around technology.

So what did I do?

I threw myself into it and I binge gamed. Granted that might not seem like the most logical way to come to a conclusion but I got there. But side quests always means extra loot right? Heh.

After sitting down and playing Fallout 3 and having my own modern version of a vision
“This is all happening so fast.”

quest, complete with fasting and sleep deprivation I started to think about how much technology and gaming have helped me over the years. Games are not only a pastime for but they can be great for stress relief or even if you just want to get away from the¬†monotony of life in the Greenville Bubble. With each game we play we can take control of a new vessel and venture in worlds created from our imagination. And when it comes to RPGs we’re on a whole different level of commitment which for some it can be a struggle…

Now, let me get to my point. With most games today we are given choices. With games that allow players to experience the consequences we can start to how people can put a lot of themselves into games. Not only their time and effort but a little bit of themselves.

When I first read this story it honestly got to me. I even visited the area in the screenshots and paid respects in my own world of Skyrim. Even though his life had passed his character still lives in that save file. His character has been immortalized in a way, and even some of himself has been left behind. I’ve always seen games as gateways to worlds and possibly the best way their is to tell a story. But it wasn’t until after I read that this image started to really have some truth in it.


In conclusion, I’d say I do believe in a spiritual side to technology. I don’t necessarily think that God is in phones or that God uses technology in any particular way to speak to people because it all depends on how people want to be spoken to whether it be paper or plastic.

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