Finding God in Everything

“God is in nature, get outside and find him.”

While I 100% agree with this statement, why do some people believe we can only find God in natural things? Have you ever heard someone say, “I see God most through technology”? jesuswithmac

There is a large percentage of the Christian church that looks at technology as if it could only be used for
“evil”, or that everything that online was created only to be used for bad things. Why is this the case? Why can’t we find God in technology? I think since becoming more and more involved in digital media and started getting more and more involved in this industry and I spend more and more time on my computer I find myself being able to find God through my work. Even the fact that I’m able to use computers and the internet to do what I love is incredible to me.

While there are some bad things that have come about, I think it is unfair to say that everything about it is evil. Just as God has created everything and created it for good, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get corrupted, that is the nature of living in a sinful world. Likewise, things that have been created for evil can be used for good in the right context, or when someone sees the good potential that some that invention may have. Everything can be used for good if you do it with the right intentions.

twittering with godIf you look through history it has been true for any new technology until new generations take over the new tech and embrace it. I think the “evil” aspects have just been brought more into the light and became more accessible because of the internet. I think the biggest part of making sure you only use things for good is making sure you use it for its intended purpose, and not overusing it. The biggest problems I have seen come out of the internet and new technology has been people abandoning their responsibilities and spending all their time on these technologies. This is where it fall under idolatry I believe. This applies to anything though. Doing something so much that you put it over God or other things, that is when the technology becomes the problem.

The internet and digital media can be used to bring more people to God, or just as a way to for people to better their lives. Find God everywhere and don’t just discredit something because you assume that it is evil only. Change things to be used for the glory of God and increasing the kingdom.

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