Future of Food

The way we consume food is evolving.

Years ago we would walk down the street to our local farmer to buy our produce. We would walk across the street to the baker for our bread and next to that was the butcher where we would receive our meat. Every morning when we woke, the milk man would drop off our milk for the morning. Due the storage, we would only buy what you need for that day. It was a wonderful system full of fresh local foods. However, your food options are limited to that regions. For examples, consuming oranges only happened in Florida and corn in the midwest.

As we have advanced as a society, globalization has occurred. We could transport oranges north and corn south via trains. Farming techniques and technology allowed us to produce triple amounts food and provide for people across the country. We continue to create more efficient ways of receiving products. Walmart and the department stores are prime examples of our efficient consumerism. Instead of stopping at 5 places for different items, we can now go to one place for our meat, produce, milk, medicine, clothes, electronics and so on. And we have multiple places we can go, Target, Walmart, and Fred Meyer are only three examples of these massive multipurpose stores.

After all of this innovation, trends are rising up for more organic and local food instead of massive globalization of food. In some cases this is unavoidable. Coffee for instance does not grow in the united states, therefore if we want some, we must ship it to the U.S. However for the sake of quality and freshness, we can purchase from local roasters because green coffee will last 8-9 months while roasted coffee only lasts 2 weeks at its best.

In the future, in order to bring together the concept of quality, local and fresh alongside the desire for ease, convenient and efficient shopping. I foresee a completely deliver service for your kitchen needs. Blue Apron and Amazon Fresh have already begun this process.

Amazon Fresh began in Seattle in 2007 and has spread to New York City and Los Angeles. Amazon Fresh works similarly to Amazon Prime, you get certain perks for a monthly fee. It basically takes away your need to ever go to a grocery store. A customer can log on to the app or via their computer and order their groceries in normal grocery bags or temperature controlled bags for an unattended delivery. Their items can be delivered either the same day or next day. Shipping is always free if you spend more then $50. It costs $299 for this service which also includes all of the amenities of Amazon Prime. And for a busy New York City mom, it seems like a perfect convenient service.

This still requires a lot of thought and effort. You still have to plan your meals and pick specific items to purchase. In the future, I foresee this being eliminated by services similar to Blue Apron, Plated and Hello Fresh. Blue Apron, the most successful of the three delivers perfectly packaged ingredients to your front door with recipe cards outlining specifically how to make the meals with photos. These boxes are sent tempered controlled with clear labeling of fresh ingredients. Many food bloggers and sites have tested out Blue Apron and given positive reviews. (TheKtichn, PasteMag)  It can be more pricey then planning out and buying your groceries. However, it will save you lots of time. Each meal takes less then 45 min to make and they give the option of purchasing a family pack or meals for two. They give options for experience levels with recipes and ingredients. So if you are a pro cook or a beginner, both can make meals.

I have heard nothing but good things concerning the service. As we continue to develop, these services will only continue to get better. We may not need local grocery stores at all but simply big warehouses where local farmers drop off their produce and companies like Blue Apron and Amazon Fresh, deliver them to people’s door all prepped and ready with a recipe attached for an effortless meal.

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