God made your Iphone

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God made your Iphone. If i ever hear someone say that God didn’t have anything to do with technology, i might argue with them thoroughly. So many people believe that awesome things in this world like technology are “worldly” things that can’t have ANYTHING to do with God at all. Well, i have a few words for those people. OPEN YOUR MIND. God does so many things through other things such as technology, and just because humans invented technology doesn’t mean that God didn’t have anything to do with it.

God helps us a lot with worldly things so that they might help us live better. Technology isn’t just a cool thing that keeps us having fun and satisfied. Technology can literally save your life. We have so many things now a days that can sure disease and revive people and help us with our health. There was this fire fighter i read about and he lost his ENTIRE face in a fire when he was saving people. Doctors used a face from an organ donor and literally replaced the fire fighters face. He still doesn’t look normal, but he looks a lot better than before. That kind of amazing stuff can not happen without the help of technology and God.iphone6s-plus-box-rosegold-2015_GEO_US

Now back to the Iphone. This device has changed the way we as humans communicate with each other. We can be on the other side of the planet and we can talk to our loved ones via face time or audio calling. If you don’t know what face time is, then you’re either living under a rock or over the age of 70. This is a way of communicating through your iphone screen. It’s pretty remarkable stuff, and it can help any family. You’re probably wondering, how is God correlated with this stuff? God has many ways of showing himself to us and portraying his love. I believe that through amazing technology such as the Iphone, we can have true and honest conversations with people we never could talk to before. We kind of over look the Iphone but it is a communication tool that can bring us anywhere by clicking the call button.

I feel that if i were to ask God what he thinks about technology, he would say that he embraces it. Obviously, a lot of technology is made for our luxury, but there is a lot about technology that we take for granted every day that can really help our community and church community. Social media has really helped my church back home about getting the word out on certain things like youth groups and community out reach programs. Without this easy way of communicating, it would be a lot harder to get people to go to these really important things.

Technology is amazing, and i could sit here and write about how immense and crazy this world is and the amount of technology it contains. We can gain so much energy through wind, water, and nuclear to help third world countries through technology. There are so many ways to help others, i guess we just have to stop being selfish and actually use our technology to others advantage. In that way of thinking, i believe that God has given us many tools that we either take for granted, or we use to make our own and others lives a lot better. Technology is happening, whether you like it or not, it is a thing of the future and the future is coming fast. It’s better to embrace what we have, and use it to our own advantage to better help this world.


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