The incessant hum of society when new technology hit the scene is a familiar sound to anyone born in recent decades. Everyone freaks out as soon as the newest toys are announced, immediately lining the streets hoping to be one of the lucky few to get the gadgets first. Kids raved ecstatically about the newest gizmo they could play with, teenagers insistently mumble that they need everything their friends have to function as normal people, babies become adept at technology that should be a few years beyond their reach. We love new technology. In fact, we’re obsessed with it.


If I had to choose one thing that I think has been a focal point in the way that people interact with technology in recent years, I would not hesitate to say that that one thing would be the iPhone. This little rectangular doohickey has brought techies and geeks to tears with its streamlined beauty. The sleek marketing strategy Apple created has people practically stampeding in the streets to be the first one in line for a new product. People are crazy.

I would have no qualms in classifying the current iPhone fascination as a modern day form of idolization. People do ridiculous things to get their hands on the most recent model of a little slippery box with a bunch of lights and pixels that’s way too easy to break. Think I’m exaggerating? Here’s a list of absolutely insane things people have done for an iPhone:

  1. Sold babies.

  2. Sold body parts.

  3. “Rented” out loved ones.

  4. Requested an iPhone 6 in place of a dowry.

  5. Traded sexual favors.

  6. Traded a $2000 bag to get a better spot in line at the Apple store.

  7. Formed gangs.

  8. Sold virginity.

  9. Stole from a baby.

  10. Stood in line for 22 days.

  11. Sold a wedding ring.

  12. Sold a snake.

  13. Flew to Australia.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the things that people know about. I’m sure there’s plenty of other crazy stuff that has yet to be revealed to the media. People are absolutely obsessed with almost anything that Apple throws at them, but iPhones seem to hold a certain grip on the populace, maybe considering the fact that it remains on of the most popular smartphones in the world.

Waiting for the newest iPhone. Source:
Waiting for the newest iPhone.

I still remember my first phone, and how freaking excited I was to get it when I turned 14. It was a chunky lil’ red and silver prepaid flip phone, complete with dainty little bedazzled hearts all over. It was a dream. And it was all mine. Phone fascination begins early, and kids are getting cell phones earlier and earlier in life. In fact, the average age of kids getting phones these days is SIX YEARS OLD. SIX. What the heck, world!?

God can use anything to give himself glory. And He does. Technology is God’s original creation, and its original intention was to offer praise to him. Technology today should give us more ways to offer praise, rather than distract us from who we’re supposed to be worshipping in the first place. I’m guilty of this as much of anyone. Sometimes I sit back and realize that a whole day has passed in which I didn’t give a second thought to prayer or reflection, yet I had no trouble focusing on the tiny screen in front of me for hours on end.

How do we fix this? Take a moment to step back and try to regain perspective. Technology is fleeting, it’s not really that important to your overall wellbeing if you consider it. Sure, it can certainly aid in certain areas of our lives, but for the most part it’s not a vital component of a thriving life. Is this thing really important to me?

We often let the fast, shiny, new technology take over our lives. This form of idolization needs to stop. Give God the glory He deserves.

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