I’ll Have Blue Eyes Please.

I always wished I had blue eyes and beautiful caramel colored hair that was in perfect ringlets. My height is great, but sometimes I wish I could change it so I could wear the cute pair of jeans I see on the mannequin in the window, but more often than not they don’t have the jeans that fit my length. It goes for cute shoes too. The only women’s shoes in most department stores in size 11 are the nasty old ladies ones that should just be burned, not worn. We all want to change something about ourselves. The whole thing about humanity is that the grass is always greener on the other side. The funny thing is, once you get to the other side, you kind of miss what the old grass looked like. I guess in some ways we’re like a cat never really fully content with being inside or outside. With the future of genetic modification, the ability to achieve our desired physical features can be in reach. The idea of an a la carte lifestyle is really appealing to us.


In an article I read called Genetic Engineering: The Past, Present, and Future written by Norell Hadzimichalis she discusses the fact that humans have been manipulating genomes to satisfy our wants for a long time. Her greatest example was the domestic cat. People will manipulate things at the molecular level to get what they desire. Because the future is going to be about what is easiest and fastest. Instead of working for that six-pack, we can just be born with one here pretty soon. Yeah there might be a pill, but then that becomes a nuisance. Let’s just make everyone who is born come out already having beautiful abs. Shoot; lets manipulate it so no one can even get fat. I LIKE THIS FUTURE ALREADY.
On the subject of people, genetically modifying what you can look like is interesting yes, but the natural way humanity could look like by the age of 2050 is far more beautiful! National Geographic took a guess as to what the people of tomorrow would look like and it is amazing! Essentially they took the assumption that people are going to continue to interracially marry others and thus change the game of the gene pool, blue eyes and thick curly dark black hair, or Chinese eyes with beautiful dark skin. The gene pool widens allowing for new possibilities to open up. Currently, Hawaii has a ratio of 4 out of every 10 marriages being interracial. Younger people coming into adulthood are causing more and more of an open general consensus about marriage.
With the future catering to convenience, happiness gets shot out of the window. Every step we take to getting what we want for ourselves we begin to realize that nothing we do is going to make us happier. The idea of being content with oneself is what fixes the issue. Children who grow up receiving every amenity they ask creates unhappy adults always seeking for more and never being fully satisfied with who they are. Catering to humanities desire to give people what they want is completely outside of our capabilities. Instead, we need to understand that social issues such as interracial marriage play a part in our future. That has such a more beautiful outcome
that genetically manipulating my future babies to never be fat. I want them to learn to work for their healthy body, not take it for granted. Genetic modification has the ability to help many who face serious medical or genetic conditions, science should focus their energies on that and what it has to offer the future.

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