I’m a Bit Worried For The Future

Picture by youtube.com

The Future scares me. In the midst of all of this chaos as of most recent, with the terrorist attacks and the threat of death and bombs and what not around our whole world. The image above this post is from a video game called Fallout 4, and ironically it is a game based in the future after a large atomic war that happened between nations that left the united states in a wasteland. Playing this game, and thinking about the possibilities of a nuclear wasteland kind of makes me laugh. The fact that this game could actually be realistic is really crazy, but not super far off. Obviously the amount of weapons and insane creatures are a bit far off, but that fact that an atomic bomb could kill so many people is scary.

On that note, i would like to talk about how i would like to think the future looks like without being totally annihilated by atomic warfare. When we look at our cell phones from 50 years ago to today, the diffephonesrence is insane. We used to only have our phones plug into the wall, and the so called cell phones re as big as bricks. Now we have phones that we can literally talk to and ask questions to it. As if typing in words on google was too much work! I admit, it’s a super cool feature if i’m driving or doing anything that i need a hand to do. It’s also amazing how we can touch a piece of glass and watch news, movies, listen to music, play games, and a crazy amount of other things we can do…on our phones. My point is, imagine what we will have as a phone in 50 years. Maybe we’ll have brain implants that we can just think and call someone or look up things. The potential is endless, and it is kind of fun to think about how many seemingly impossible things we can do with our technology.

flying car

I believe that in the future cars will also not be a thing anymore. Obviously, people love to drive and fixing cars and doing anything car related, but, its proven that cars are horrible for our planet. Cars are going to get more and more environmentally safe and eventually we are all going to be driven around by other people or automatically driven cars. Think about that… If there are no humans driving, the death toll of car accidents would go down dramatically. You know that everyone will have a fit about it though. ITS MY COUNTRY I HAVE RIGHTS TO DRIVE CARS AND POTENTIALLY KILL A LOT OF PEOPLE DANGIT. There was also a hint of a southern accent in that all capitalized sentence.


Now on a more serious note. Unfortunately, One thing that i think won’t change is the amount of hate, racism, and inequality of life between all humans. I know, this is super depressing, but it’s a thing that we all need to realize and something that needs to change. Even after passing laws against racism and equal rights, we still have this insane war between people who are judgemental. People feel so entitled because of their race and because they don’t have a certain skin tone. I heard this crazy fact the other day, that every person in the world could fit in their own 100×100 house in Texas. I don’t know if this is 100% accurate, but if it is true, that is an insane realization that there is so much potential for a better world yet we just can’t make it happen. I want the future to hold an upbringing of non-judgmental, good people who care for others and not themselves. Unfortunately, i feel that a phone in our brains is more accomplishable than that.






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