Lumetri Color Correction in Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

Premiere Pro CC has this new color correction tool called Lumetri Color Correction, it is similar to three-way color correction and RGB curves, but it has something different too. This tool will help you get a cinematic feeling of your footage, it has several presets which are like filters in Lightroom if you have basic knowledge about Lightroom; you can choose these presets and change different settings to get the color effect you want on your footage. Comparing with the previous color correction tool, this one focus more on cinematic look instead of general color correction, and like I said in the video, you can modify these different settings to figure out the best look you want for your footage; this depends on the footage itself and the feeling you want to create for you audience.

[youtube id=”gpsWhrjhUWk” width=”180″ height=”100 wmode=”transparent” showinfo=”1″ autohide=”0″ quality=”auto]

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