On the Fence About the Future

If you’ve ever seen the movie Idiocracy, you might be unsure if the future will be a better place.  Where I stand I could see it going either way.  I want to believe in a brighter tomorrow, it’s what I have worked my butt off throughout my life for.  At the same time, looking around I see great potential for both a wonderful future and a horrifying one.

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Ever just look around at the people surrounding you and think, “Man… humanity is screwed”?  I’ve experienced it a lot back home.  Any school that could place me in the top 5, let alone the top two must be full of idiots.  It’s like we’re slowly working our way towards the future depicted in Idiocracy.  The idiots will take over, and things will go downhill fast.  I could easily see that happening which is the sad thing.  However, humanity has seen worse days.  There was a time when we weren’t all that civilized, but somehow we developed from discovering the wheel to developing self-driving cars.  Even if the future hold a massive natural disaster that wipes out most of us, we’ll likely carry on.  We made it this far once, we can do it again.

Tomorrow may hold many setbacks for us, but I like to believe it’ll be full of wonders.  With the promise of inventions like cars that drive themselves, maybe there is hope for us yet.  I’m sure my cousin the car guy/mechanic will disown me for saying so, but I look forward to a world without human drivers.  Combine that with ideas like the solar road way, we might dramatically reduce the number of automobile related deaths.

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Imagine a world where you can make it home safely in the middle of a blizzard because the roadways are heated to prevent icy conditions.  Roadways that can signal you (or your car) to dangers ahead.  Better yet, imagine a world where the roadways generate clean energy, and lots of it.  A future like that would be awesome to be in.  With self-driving cars, you could text or drink, and you could still make it to your destination without putting yourself or others in harms way.  With streets full of cars that are synced together, you could get to your destination faster.  Best of all you could take a ride anywhere, and you could just sit back and enjoy the scenery.  While we lose the sensation of driving, it doesn’t have to be entirely lost.

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While we aren’t guaranteed a future like that, the fact is that we’re getting close.  As long as there are those working to innovate, regardless of whether or not the average IQ drops significantly everything will be okay.  Hopefully innovation will lead to smarter people, who live healthier lives.  Along the way we’ll also find a role for humans in a job market that could easily be dominated by machines.  Perhaps the economy will change form to accommodate the changes in the workforce.

Ultimately the outcome of the future depends on us.  With a little creativity and innovation we could make the future a wonderful place for everyone.  If we as people unite for a better future, we might just find our way there.  Though we could just as easily ruin everything.  If we put in the hard work, we can accomplish quite a bit.

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