Oversharing Vs. Privacy Invasion

Everywhere we look there are cameras, either on the street corner or right in our pockets. With the dawn of the digital age we have watched our privacy slowly, or quickly, slip away. Not only can our government monitor us but others who simply know just what to look for can steal your identity. Should we be blaming the sites for not having the best security we think we deserve or should we be blaming ourselves for sharing everything.

In the article I read we can see trends over the years of how generations have reacted to the government impeding on our privacy for the comfort of security against future terrorist attacks after 9/11. While they believed that younger generations would be more willing to sacrifice privacy for security, after polls they found that it was quite the opposite. Those over the age of 40 would be more willing to sacrifice their privacy than younger generations. But while younger generations seem to want to protect their privacy we seem to be the ones more willing to put all or a large majority of information on the internet for complete strangers to see.


I believe that over the years with both the threat of terrorism getting smaller(debatably) and social media grow that younger generations have become less concerned with privacy and started to use social sites to their advantage(or rather they think). We enjoy sharing our lives for everyone to see yet we were initially against the idea of people we don’t know seeing our information.

The difference is that we get to choose what we share and what others can see on our pages, walls, profiles, etc. Its our choice to decide what we want to share with others. But with the government listening in on our conversations or viewing our private profiles we don’t get a choice. So, while we may be a generation of oversharing that doesn’t mean that we don’t want privacy. We still want the choice of who can view what we put on the web.

In conclusion, while I am personally indifferent about who views what I have on the web, if you are concerned about what others may view just be cautious what you put on the web, how you present yourself, and who you talk to. As far as the government goes… you’re on your own with that one.

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