Somebody’s Watching Me

Before reading this blog, I must ask that you you begin listening to the song posted below. Once the song starts playing, please continue on:

Now that you are in the proper mindset we can move on. In American culture there are some basic understood rights; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and (obviously) the right to bear arms. For most Americans these three freedoms are crucial to their core values and why they think America is the greatest country in the world. But, where would privacy rank among that? I think most Americans would also agree that a right to privacy is important.


Now where does this fall when it comes to national security? I think many people say that they are willing to give up some of their privacy for the sake of our personal and national safety, but why not all of it? Why do people have a problem with facial recognition, surveillance, and “big brother“.  Why does it concern so many people so much?

Personally, I am not that concerned about the government watching me or tracking my phone records, or honestly whatever else they want to do. It is probably a big waste of their time, considering probably 90% of my time is spent watching a Youtube video or updating my media page on Facebook. So why does it matter? If you have nothing to hide, why do you care? Now, I understand its a “basic American right”, but let me drop some general privacy knowledge on all of you before you blame all of the privacy issues on the government.

58% of American adults have a Facebook page. Let that sink in for a minute. Chances are more then half the people you know own a Facebook account. So, that very fact means that people are a little less concerned with privacy if they are willing to share their lives on the internet to the world, so why are they concerned with the government? Now I know you might say, “I don’t post that much personal information to Facebook, I just use it to connect with my friends.” Or, “I have my privacy settings set so only my friends can see what I post.” In 2013 Facebook made every profile searchable regardless of their privacy settings, and I know you have probably posted multiple pictures of your kids on their.


I scroll through Facebook probably 4 or 5 times a day, and honestly I see more about people’s lives on there then I probably know about my own family’s. So why are we so open with our information to our “friends” but become incredibly upset when the government wants to look at it? I know as an American citizen we have basic rights, and I agree those rights should be abided by, but why does it really matter?

If the government wants to dive into my life and personal business, go for it. They will be very disappointed in the fact that they just wasted time in their lives to look through all of my internet search history. I have nothing to hide, and I definitely don’t have any money for them to take. I think most millennials are starting to lean more towards this way of thinking. In the long run, I don’t have anything to hide, and if I did I wouldn’t blast it all over the internet or through text messaging.

So, if you truly are concerned with the government tracking you, or surveilling what you do on the internet, here’s some tips on how to avoid that:

1. Don’t post personal information online

This one seems pretty self-explanatory, but I think some of you out there have let it slide. If you wouldn’t tell a priest about it, probably don’t blast it all over the internet. Thats just generally good practice, and your friends, family, employers, and the general public will thank you.

2. Don’t bring attention to yourself.

By writing this post, I’m sure I’ll have some government agency looking into my personal life, but in general keeping your government conspiracy, liberal/conservative bashing views to yourself will also help. Honestly, posting these things on the internet probably isn’t going to change anyone else’s mind, or create any real change, especially if you misspell a lot of words. And please, just for everyone’s sake, fact check something before you post it as truth.

I’m going to stop there before this just becomes a rant, but in all seriousness, just think about what you post online, and try to see if government surveillance affects your life, if it does, stand up and say something about it, but please just not on Facebook. Remember, we’re always watching.

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