The Man is on to us


In this day and age, it is hard for me to imagine a world without surveillance. There are cameras all over the place, on our phones, computers, workplaces, street corners, and even your local stores. The question I is have to ask is, how easy can “The Man” a.k.a the Government get into these cameras to spy on all of us? I guess the real question is, are we okay with it? I have a few points to get to until my final conclusion and answer to said question.



Cameras can be important in a few different ways, especially when it comes to security. Even though this means people could be watching us, it also means that if anything bad happens to you, a camera can see who did what and when it happened. For instance, if someone slams into your car and drives away, a camera will catch that car and it’s license plate, and that person will have to pay for your car! So, there are some pluses in having cameras. Personally, i love filming everything and making videos and watching other people’s videos. So cameras in my eyes, are amazing, creative creations that we can use to make rad pieces of art. If you use snapchat these days then you probably know what’s going on in all of your annoying friends lives because they are constantly posting it on there. Speaking of which follow me, my name is maxgensler. I have the best snaps so it’s whatever. My point is that we have so many ways to post about our lives, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, Twittter, etc. If we keep using these social platforms and putting our stuff out there, then do we really care that much about our specific privacy top an extent?

I am guessing that most of you have a facebook right? Because if you don’t then you probably live under a rock and If so I respect you greatly. Also, if you have a facebook then you probably aren’t too afraid of security, since you post your entire life on there. I can literally look up whoever you are (that is if i have your name) and view where you live, where you work, where you go to school, and what your hobbies are. If the government, and or bad people tried to find you it would be very easy. Or that creepy dude that keeps staring at you in class. Feel scared yet?


A big question I know that I have talked about with many people is can the government easily access cameras and our phones to spy on us, and if so are you okay with that? First of all I want to assure you that I am not a paranoid hippy that is worried about “The Man” coming down on us and hiding all traces of alien activity from us, however the question is very relevant when referring to our safety and security. There are so many stories of people worried that the government is tapping into our webcams on our laptops and watching what we do. I always laugh and think “Oh no they are gonna see my underchin while i’m watching netflix and doing homework.” A good counter argument to that is, does the government really have time to sit and watch everyone on their laptops? Aint nobody got time for that! Maybe having the government sacrifice our privacy is a good thing sometimes. I don’t necessarily believe this, but what if there is a really bad terrorist that is ready to do something bad and the government needs to tap into to a certain area to find him or her? I would be kind of okay with that if it meant saving lives. Maybe the real question here is if “The Man” is spying on us, is it for good reasons or bad?


The government has the power to do what ever it wants, so are they watching us all? Can i use the bathroom without someone watching me? Is there a way to walk to the store without a camera catching my face in the act? It is probably very easy for “The Man” to be watching us, they have the money and capability to turn any device into a spying machine. Whether or not that is a bad thing is the right question to be asking. In my opinion, spying on others is wrong, and it is an invasion of privacy. However, if it is for good purposes such as, finding people, and or helping secure areas that tend to have violence and or theft. Either way, THE MAN isn’t getting to me!!

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