We do ministry too

One of my favorite things to do it to visit my grandfather. I love to work beside him in his wood shop, listening to his stories. But these visits also include one of my least favorite things to do: explain my career choices to my grandfather’s church members.

Anytime I go to my grandpa’s church, I get asked how school is going and have to clarify what a Digital Media major actually means. But every time I tell someone what I am going to school for, I get the same response, “Oh, so you’re not going into ministry.”

This is one of the most frustrating responses that I have ever received when telling someone about my future career.

digital bible

Digital Media is what God has called me to do. Graphic Design is the talent that He has given me. He did not give me the gift of public speaking or interpreting the Word for people. He has given me a talent of using technology to create artwork that glorifies Him.

God created us in His image, with His creative ability. He gave us the ability to express ourselves in any way possible, through music, through art, and through words. The best way for me happens to be through technology.

We as humans have always created technology to make our lives better. Technology has been given to us by God and it has evolved throughout the centuries just as we have. In the middle ages, technology was the tools of different trades like a blacksmith’s anvil and hammer; in the regency era, quill pens and carriages; in the 1950s, microwaves and fridges were the new tech of the day.  Now we just use our computers and cell phones.


If our technology is helping us to create a better world and to express truth, then I do not see anything wrong with it. Technology has allowed us to view parts of the world and the universe that God created that we would never have been able to see otherwise.

Anytime we focus on the evil behind something, that’s all we will see. But if we focus on what God could do with the technology that we have been given, then we have the power to move mountains.

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