Worry Not!

Dictionary.com defines privacy as “the state of being apart from other people or concealed from their view.”  Something about that doesn’t quite sound right, but what could it be?  Oh yeah, we are very rarely concealed from the view of others, especially online.  In a world where cameras are everywhere, and people can know your interests without ever having talked to you, I’d say privacy doesn’t exist.  If you really want privacy, you have to go far out of your way to obtain it.  So is it worth it to try and tiptoe around technology for the sake of privacy?  I’d say no.

Technology is great, it has changed our lives, in most cases for the better.  But like everything great, when it is misused it can cause problems.  It seems like with technology, the greater it is, the worse it gets when someone abuses it.  It can allow us to stay in constant contact with loved one, but it can allow strangers more opportunities to access our lives.  We can find and purchase just about anything, which is good and bad in and of itself, but people can steal your credit card information.  The list goes on and on.  There are a lot of benefits with the internet and technology, but we lose privacy and security as it goes.  The thing with technology too though is that people like to exaggerate the repercussions of its misuse.  You don’t log into Facebook and immediately get your identity stolen, unless you’re a complete idiot.

To me privacy isn’t a big deal, what matters is security.  Technology is meant to be helpful, and to try and avoid it can cause more problems than it’s worth.  I don’t care if facebook uses my interests to generate ads, or if someone I don’t know sees my likes.  There is information I don’t want strangers to access, but that’s the information that usually has security measures to protect.  If I purchase something on amazon, I don’t care who knows that I bought it.  What I do care about is that no one gets my credit card information.  Depending on the day, I don’t want strangers to have my address and phone number.  That’s the information that has security protocols to protect.


Don’t get me wrong, I realize there are ways to break security.  I’ve talked quite a bit about cyber security in classes, but most breaks come from human error.  It isn’t perfect, but even if someone gets a hold of my information, most of the time it isn’t a huge deal.  It is a pain in the butt to have your credit card stolen, but in most circumstances you aren’t held responsible for charges made by someone else.  At the end of the day it’s something you can recover from.  I don’t even know what a hacker would do with your address and phone number, but I don’t imagine it’d hurt too badly for them to get a hold of that information.


It can be an issue when it’s mishandled, but we often have this idea in our head that privacy and security is a much bigger issue than it really is.  Most people go through their daily lives without much privacy, and everything is just fine.  Doesn’t mean it’s not an issue, but it usually isn’t as bad as we think.  If you’re incredibly worried about searching something on google because of hackers, maybe you should watch less television.

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