Beginner Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to use some basic tools to cut a subject out of a photo and place them into another, then blend the photos with color manipulation.

Step One: Open your two photos you want to use.

photo1 copy

photo2 copy

Step Two: Use the Lasso tool to trace your subject. You don’t have to get very close because we will be trimming it later.



Step Three: Drag and Drop or Copy/Paste(Command C & Command V) your subject into the other photo.

drag drop


Step Four: Use the Eraser Tool to trim your subject. You can adjust the size of the eraser by pixels at the top left next to the Eraser symbol.


adjust size

Step Five: On the right you can find a panel that allows you to adjust the levels of the photo. We will start with Brightness and Contrast.

adjusting brightness and contrast


Step Six: Adjust your Exposure. This determines how much light is in the photo. The more exposed the brighter the photo.


Step Seven: Adjust your vibrance to make the colors in the photo more intense or to make them more dull.


Step Eight: Adjust the color balance to manipulate the colors of the photo. You can adjust by shadows, mid tones, and highlights.


Step Nine: Adjust the hue and saturation change the color further. This can help pull out more vibrant colors or suppress them.

hue saturation

Step Ten: Lower the opacity to help blend the top photo into the background. You can always go to the layers panel on the right and readjust any levels you have added or even add more and stack to develop your own style.

Fantsasy photoshop tutorial

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