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When thinking about creativity, I would assume that the majority of people think of it only taking place within the film, graphics, marketing, and tech industries. One might assume that in order to be creative you have to work with something that is virtual, tangible but intangible, or has to be within an industry that produces products and content for people to consume. While this thinking is partially right, it lacks a large truth. This truth being that creativity is in everything and that everyone is born with creativity. It is growing up that robs the majority of their ability to be creative. As we grow we are forced into this ideology that everything has to be logical, that there is only one right answer or the best answer, and that arts are not a means for one to take part in if they want to live a life that is of any monetary value. If they want to live a life that is view as the only means of benefiting society.

According to, “Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions.” As you can see, creativity is not just a matter that pertains to certain industries, but instead is one that pertains to everyone in their everyday lives. Each of us experience different things and each have the ability to shape the course of our days and how we handle these different experiences. Do you chose to be creative in your home with your kids by telling them stories that will inspire them to dream, or do you plop your butt on your couch with a remote in your hand and become a tv zombie? Now, don’t get me wrong… Watching tv can be a great thing to clear the mind and can allow one to stay informed and even learn, but television consumption has to be done in moderation and in needs to be limited.

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After having stated all of this, I am sure some of you would like to know how you can get back your creativeness or harness it where you are. Well, I came across and article titled, “14 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative.” It was quite an interesting read for me and so I thought I would provide you with the 14 things. If you are interested, you can read an expanded view of these via the link of the article referenced.

14 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative
1. Anyone can do it.
2. Creatives steal.
3. Freestyle rappers should be your creative role models.
4. It can be a learned skill.
5. It can be improved.
6. ADHD is good.
7. All ideas matter.
8. Use it or lose it.
9. Look outside.
10. Creativity is infinite.
11. Use nature for inspiration.
12. It is a conscious decision.
13. Take notes all the time.
14. F–k opinion.

Further, Here are some video’s in which Jason Silva, a television personality, filmmaker, and public speaker talks about what he thinks about creativity and how some might consider creativity as a madness. Not sure I agree with him about some things, but definitely two short nice video’s to get you thinking.

Everyone has the ability to be creative and change the world… We just have to unleash the creativity within us. After all, my belief is that everyone is made in the image of God (Genisis 1:27), the ultimate creator, who wove the universe together. Creativity runs through our veins and we are called to be world changers in every facet of our lives.


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