How to start and build an Online Brand


1. Understanding why you exist, what you will talk about, how and who?

What is the goal of what you are trying to accomplish? What do you love and what do you want to share? Are you a food blogger? But what specifically about food is your niche? Are you a lifestyle blogger? Have you clearly defined your style? Do you blog about tools or equipment? How do you package and format that information that makes it different?

2. Choose the right website for your platform.

Websites are important. Here, you have the opportunity to present yourself to the world with complete control. You can pick and design the layout, the words and photos. This is where you will have your entire brand story laid out.

For some common website mistakes read this article on 5 common website mistakes.

3. Facebook

Facebook is best utilized for an older target market and works well when you have and advertising budget. If both of these do not apply to you, you may want to consider not having a Facebook Page. But if you are looking to host events, Facebook is a perfect place to communicate upcoming calendar dates.

Again, you must asses the goals of your brand and decide if Facebook is a good fit. It has become a different beast due to the money required for higher numbers of reach. However, it still serves a purpose and can be utilized well.

4. Twitter

The twitter community exists to make jokes and complain. If you are a comical brand, then this is a perfect playground. If you are a brand that serves people, twitter can be well utilized to care for quick customer service problems as users come to you with their complaints.

Twitter is quick, it is important that you post little things often and interact in conversations and hashtags.

5. Instagram

As cliche as it is, pictures are worth one thousand words. Instagram is a crucial platform to share content. We are no longer communicating with as many words, but images, videos and graphics. There are multiple different types of communities on Instagram, and you can easily get plugged in if you use your hashtags right.

It is easy to gain new followers by liking photos and interacting through comments. Find your community and similar Instagram bloggers. Check out what hashtags they are using and use them.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is an underutilized social platform. This is a perfect way to offer interesting content for your users to then use. It is interactive content that people will remember and save. Although Pinterest is primarily used by women. It can be a way for those women to find products, styles and brands for the men in their life. Don’t take it for granted. It is a secret powerhouse for brand building.

7. Sometimes things are just hard. Do it anyway.

Most importantly, consistent content is key. It will get hard. Being disciplined about creating a brand takes a lot of time and effort. Most likely you won’t receive results after a months and months of work. But you have to keep posting on your key platforms daily or weekly depending on the goals of your brand. You can’t drop the ball. Keep going and you will build the community you are looking for.

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