Ice Cream Soda?!

So you may be familiar with root beer floats, and orange soda floats and the like. But did you know that there are such things as ice cream sodas? And that you can make them pretty much any time you go out to eat to a buffet, or even go to the Greenville College Dining Commons? I thought I would throw together a tutorial on how to make one of my favorite ice cream sodas – super simple and pretty delicious.

For those of you who are still unsure of what an ice cream soda is, it’s basically the same as the float, but more commonly, it’s ice cream and soda are mixed together to make a more thicker version of a soda and milkshake cross-breed. All that you need is ice cream, flavored syrup, some milk (if preferred), and some kind of soda or soda water.

Step 1: Find A Cup




Now, I know what your thinking. “What? But that’s so minuscule a chore, why is that even counted as a step? That should just be common sense”. Well, I can’t argue with that, but sometimes it can actually be a bigger task than you might think. Happy hunting!





Step 2: Inspect the Cup





Okay, now that you found one, make sure that there aren’t any holes, tears or cracks. I don’t know about you, but I can’t pull off the ice-cream stained shirt look.





Step 3: Find an Appropriate Soda Flavor




It’s important to find a fitting flavor that will go well with whatever ice cream you want to put use. I just picked regular soda water, since I don’t usually like mine to be too sweet and I wanted a chocolate one (hard flavor to pair with). Don’t be afraid to get creative though, some people really like Pepsi and chocolate ice cream for some reason….. but those people are weird and probably eat people too. You’re going to want to fill your cup to just under the halfway mark



Step 4: Find Some Ice Cream





Now it’s time to explore and find some ice cream. When you find it, just put it in there and don’t stop until the bubbles hit the rim off the cup if you want a good soda to ice cream ratio. If not, whatever, we’re not friends anymore.




Step 5: Add Some Flavored Syrup




Now this part is optional. If you used plain soda water like me, you may want to add some flavored syrup to add some more flavor to your concoction. If you used soda, you don’t really need to do this since it’ll already be pretty sweet. But if you want to do it, don’t let me stop you. I’ll just be sitting here judging you harshly.




Step 6: Mix and Enjoy




The final step is to just find something to mix it with. Any spoon, fork, knife, femur, stick, pipe, chip of bark will do. Once you do that, it should look somewhat similar to the picture. Now it’s time to down it as fast as you can. GO GO GO GO! IF IT HURTS, YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT!


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