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Yuneec quad copter

The future is going to be insane. The technology we have now already is unbelievable. We have easily accessible drones (if you have 5,000 dollars lying around) that can shoot amazing video that we have never been able to shoot before without being in a helicopter or some sort of professional gear. Speaking of which, here’s a video of animals attacking drones, it’s pretty funny. We have plenty of things to be excited about, but i am only going to touch on some that i actually care about right now.

drone-cameraThe drones that are out now can shoot in 4K. Which, if you don’t know what that means.. It means it’s REALLY good quality. Canon is actually releasing a camera that shoots 8K, which is absurd. That is 8,000 lines of resolution. Anyway, some videos that people have made with these drones are pretty revolutionary, and amazing. I think that in the next ten years, drones will be cheaper, and a lot of videographers will have them in their arsenal. A lot do now, but they are really expensive, and some college students (like myself) can’t afford them. Which, i’m sure the government won’t be too fond of people flying their drones around all over the place, you can always weaponize awesome things. Takes one dumb person to ruin the fun for the rest of us!

Again, in the camera world there have been many new things, one of them that completely boggles my gopro_360cameramind is the new 360 camera technology. Where literally the camera(s) record the entire environment, and through your computer or phone, you can turn and look around at all the things in the video , I was in shock when i saw it.  So not only can you see things in a video, but you can look around and see the entire environment around you. I bet in the future, our phones will be able to record like that, so when we FaceTime, we can literally be wherever that person is. Human interaction will drastically change, and not necessarily in a bad way, but it could be bad if everyone is just in a virtual reality. Which brings me to my next point.

robots-clankI believe that in the future, we will not have a lot of jobs like we used to. Everything and everyone is getting replaced by technology. Which i know sounds super scary, but with all of the greed and crap going on in the world, why would any large corporation spend more money to hire people and pay them benefits and all of that, when they could spend the money on making a robot that can do whatever it is a human can. This is a very scary reality, because we already have so many jobless people, and i think maybe the economy will have to drastically change in order to help those people. Not that i know much about how to regulate and economy.

With that in mind, there will be a high demand for creative type jobs, and anything that a robot can do basically. Unless we invent a robot that can be a human, which i’m sure we’re not super far away from. Luckily i love being creative and would like to work at a place where i could be creative and make videos and write music. Robots can’t do that, well, who am i kidding, drones can shoot amazing video, and a computer can make a symphony; So i guess we’re all screwed! At least that won’t happen for awhile anyway, since that would take some time. I wonder what the next generation of kids will have to deal with? Gotta love ending a blog post in a morbid way, am i right?





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