Can you be an artsy Christian?


Christian art

Christian media has always been a weird thing to me, i feel like a lot of it is just fake conservative christian stuff. I’ve never liked that radio station Klove because all of the songs i used to hear on that radio station were just lame gushy songs about how God is great. There was never really any depth for me in those songs. Like, write about something that actually means something to me, not that i don’t think God is great. Because of that lack of depth, i never really went into finding any media that was christian, because i didn’t really feel anything from it. But I did eventually find some things that i actually enjoy that have plenty of christian thought and meaning.

underoath live 2I have always loved hard music, and i was curious when i heard a long time ago that there were bands that were of christian influence who played and wrote hard music. I never thought that a christian band could make anything as could as secular bands, until i found the band Underoath, when i was in 8th grade. This band not only had christian influence, but it wasn’t this fake gushy crap that had no meaning. The vocalist wrote about his struggles with alcohol and drugs, and how he tried his hardest to find God but couldn’t. Eventually in his writing he explains that he does. For me to have music that means so much to other people, is really important. Sometimes it’s good to listen to worship music and get the whole christian package, but it is nice to listen to someone explain their struggle, because i can relate to it.

bad christianI think another question to add is, can christian media be as edgy as secular media? There are so many artists and writers and such that have “edgy” art, maybe because of nudity or language, or other content. I guess you could call Underoath kind of edgy, because they are constantly questioning God, which is an important part of learning about him. There has to be a line though right? Can a good christian really be edgy without committing sin? I found a podcast that i have been listening to lately, and it is called Bad christian podcast. It’s a couple of seasoned musicians who believe in God, but don’t believe that swearing or talking about certain things make them any less of good people or Jesus followers, definitely check them out if you have the time. They interview a lot of cool people and musicians and they talk about some really awesome topics that you wouldn’t normally hear in the Christian world.

I guess a lot of this stuff is opinionated, and there are some obvious theological questions i am asking here. I don’t really believe that when i swear it makes me any less of a person. Obviously, there are certain scenarios and places where a filter would be wise to use. One of my good friends that was my youth pastor for a long time used to say “Doesn’t matter if it’s church or not, everywhere is god’s church.” His point was if you think you shouldn’t do it at church then you probably shouldn’t do it anywhere else. Even though he had a tendency to swear sometimes. I think that christian media has the potential to be edgy and meaningful. I think it comes down to whether or not it is from the heart. Anyone can make something and say “Oh wow God is good i love him” But true art is based on how it makes you feel. Tell me why you think God is good.

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