Do stuff so you’re not stressed

What went stressedFirstly, please enjoy these stress free sounds as you read this blog, it will get you into the stress free zone. As a college student trying vigorously to graduate on time, i find myself constantly stressed, and having this rain cloud of anxiety that follows me around everywhere. Even when i am out with friends or family, or at work i think about all of the things i need to do for the week and how it seems almost impossible to do. I have a few ways that i believe could help myself out, and help you out. I don’t know if you are a college student, but if you are i am so sorry. Just kidding college is great.

field notesI constantly have things that i have to do, and things that i want to do. Unfortunately, i have to get the things done that i have to get done before the things that i want to do. If i ever start something that i want to do, then of course the other important things like school, and work are put on the back burner. I think that i get stressed the most when i jumble everything together. It’s hard to focus on a whole bunch of things at once instead of just one, and i have learned that the hard way plenty of times. My dad used to tell me, “Do one thing at a time and get everything done” Because i get so caught up with how much i actually have to do that i don’t even start them. So, get a pad of paper out, and write a list of everything you need to do in order of importance. I like having a physical copy, because i can see myself taking it out of my brain and putting it down on paper.


Tdont procrastinatehis won’t come as a surprise to you, but if you procrastinate then you will get stressed out. I and a lot of college students are terrible with procrastinating. It’s not easy to have classes all day and then have to work and then come back to your dorm or wherever you live and do more homework. It’s funny, because i could argue that we never have free time, we always have something to do. We just choose to do nothing, or play music, or video games, or hang with friends, or play with cats.

unnamedI don’t think its possible to live completely stress free, so there has to be some ways that we can all cope with it in our own way, and for me i think scheduling everything out will help in the long run to not only get work done, but to do things that i love to do as well. When i sit down and schedule out when i am going to do my school work, and when i am going to have play time. Sometimes i can do that in my head instead of writing it down, but writing it down has always helped. Like i said earlier, it’s like you’re taking it from your mind and putting it on paper and you can relieve some stress in that regard.

Lastly, more important than work, you need to find time to do things that you love doing, with the people you love. When i am too busy with life and school i find myself getting into these lame, sad, funks that make me depressed, and i realize that i haven’t done anything i love to relieve stress or to clear my mind. So i think it’s extremely important to find times through out your days and go out and do something that you find to be fulfilling. It’s not hard to do, and as long as you don’t do it in excess you won’t get as stressed.


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