Dream Job

The perfect dream job for me is in a church settling. I like to be in a big church surrounded by a lot of people.  A church like Harvester Christian Church in St. Charles, MO.

What I would be doing at this dream job is playing music. I love playing the guitar so that would be my main instatement that I would want to play. I would also want to teach someone how to play and guide them. This was done for me when I entered high school by my worship leader.

There would also be being involved with the lighting at the church. Lighting seems to be a great thing that clicks with me. I use to do this at church but school and work have gotten in the way for me being able to do this. I love programing the lights to make them fit with the music.

I would also be working with sound to make sure that everything sounds perfect. It doesn’t matter how well someone can play if they don’t have a good sound guy backing them up it could ruin the experience for someone else.

Doing video is another passion of mine that gives me a lot of joy and I would love to bring this passion in my dream job. I love the whole process of editing and taking the shot. Maybe something I wouldn’t enjoy as much is planing out the script to use.

The last thing I would be doing in this dream job is taking photos. Taking photos is a great experience and brings people joy with some picture that you can take.  I hardly go anywhere without my camera because you never know when the perfect photo opportunity will hit you.

The types of photos I like to take would be one of objects. Objects like cars, trees, houses, fields, and  sunsets. I don’t really like taking photos of people because there is different things that you have to do and sometimes finding someone who is willing to get their picture taken is hard.

I do like to do some editing and I feel like I am getting better and better with the more that I do. Editing is a big part of video and photo so if I were to get this dream job at a church I would personally want to get better at this so I can give them the best product I can.

Doing all these jobs together is what I would like to do as a dream job. This would be the perfect thing for me and I know my wife would support me in all of this. A job at a church is not what most people who are not in the religion field search for but this would be what I would go after.

The reason why I want to work in a big church, one like Harvester Christian Church, is because I believe that there is more options in a bigger church. However, if a job like the one I want to do is alavible in a small church I would take it.

The perfect church for me to work in is my home church. I have been going to Harvester Church for as long as I can remember and I would love to end up working here someday. This is where I would be the happiest if I was able to get a job at a church.

I would love to be able to give back to a high school or middle school child would is learning an instrument.  When I was going through this I had my worship pastor take me under his wing and show me some things about what it means to play guitar and to be able to give that to someone else would make me a very happy man.


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