Get off your phone once in awhile

gett off your phoneTechnology is pretty amazing these days. The new phones can do so many things and it’s hard to step back into reality when we are tied into the internet and things that are constantly distracting us from the real world. Why not play games on your phone while you’re waiting for something, and why not check your social media while someone isn’t talking? I find myself doing these things all the time, and i think it’s time to take a step back and try a little harder to be present.

social media thingThe word ‘present‘ is described as.. temporal sense; intermediate between past and future; now existing or happening or in consideration. When we are on our phones, we are not in the present. We are either in the past, or the future, especially when we are on social media. For instance, when we are on Instagram(which by the way i really enjoy) we view pictures from our friends past. Facebook, which in my eyes is notorious for the problems of our social world, shows how we can complain about others without actually doing so to their faces. Don’t get me wrong, when used in the right way i think Facebook is great. Everyone can post awesome pictures from their lives, and tell friends about relevant events that are happening around them and what not. While all of this is great, we tend to get caught up in it, and we lose the realness of what is already around us. If you are on a date, or out with friends or family, put the phone away. What is so important about checking your facebook that you have to interrupt real life? The cat videos and depressing facebook posts can wait!

youtube-logo-full_colorIt’s sometimes hard for me to not be plugged in, because i love video so much. I follow a lot of people on YouTube because i like seeing other people’s lives through their eyes and cameras. There are so many hours of footage that i would love to be watching, whether that be sports, movies, music videos, or anything. Part of my issue with being plugged in, is that i absolutely hate being bored, and I am usually constantly doing something. If i have free time, i am doing what i enjoy to do. You rarely see me doing nothing unless i am sad or really tired. I also always have to listen to music when i am doing things. My teachers used to hate me because they always told me to take my earbuds out, it was actually more beneficial for me to be listening to music; it helps me to pay attention and focus on one thing, which is weird, but that’s just how i operate i guess. The fact that people cannot stay unplugged is because it is so easy to be doing something. We have computers and interaction in our pockets, we do not need to find people to hang with, or find things to do.

I truly believe that another reason why some people are so plugged into their phones and virtual reality, is because they need a distraction from how they really feel. After i had some misfortune in my life i found myself constantly on my phone. I was tucked in a corner waiting for myself to forget about things. Which is why phones are so easy to get locked into, because there is so much to do and to distract you from the real world. We all are not ready for bad things to happen, and we build up this stuff inside us instead of dealing with it head on. Solution? Just put your phone down, and go do something else.

I found this great video about our technology and being plugged in. Check it out.

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