Kinda like you, but not really.

Be creativeIt’s easy to say that today’s creative and amazing minds have made amazing things. People write and record sweet music, they make visuals that make us happy, and people capture moments in our lives that give us nostalgia. The question i have is; When does it count as copying or remixing what others have already done?

There are so many things that people have made that are amazing. It’s impossible to count obviously, but the fact that people get mad at others for copying irks me sometimes. Yeah, if you make something and someone else completely takes it over and calls it their own that’s bogus. Here’s a scenario; What if a friend of mine likes to make drone videos. I also love video, so eventually i think it will be awesome to make a video with a drone, would that make me a copy cat if i make one after him or her? I guess theres a line with everything, i could just fly over some other building or people and do something different.

The music industry is literally full of copycats. Someone will write a really catchy song and get really popular, and then others will be like “oh, dang. I should make a song like that because everyone likes this”Radioactive-Imagine-Dragons and then they will go and remake a song just like the one they heard. Do you think that is copying? Again, i feel like there is a line. Remember that song “radioactive” by Imagine Dragons? Yeah, it annoys the crap out of me too. After that song came out there have been so many dumb songs that sound just like Imagine Dragons, because their song was really popular. I wish i could know all of these musicians and see if they are really genuine about their music. I get really picky about my music, and if i feel like they are writing just because they want the fame or the certain hype than i won’t listen to it. It’s all about what it means, and how it effects you and other people.

I feel like in this day and age it’s really hard to stand out from others. Unless you are really good at what you do, and you only focus on that one thing, you’re chances of standing out from others are slim. Especially for me because i love to do so many things and i can’t only focus on one of those things for a certain amount of time. I wish that i could focus on one of them at a time but i just can’t. ADHD and boredom hit me like a wall all the time! I guess there are some pluses in having lots of interests and hobbies. It can be helpful if i’m pretty good at many things, especially in the video world. Maybe one day i’ll create a sweet video and i can write and record some music to put into it.


At the end of the day, i think that the one saving grace from being like others is at least try your best to be yourself. It’s okay to like things and do things like others, but as long as that means that you’re still being yourself. Anyone can act like anyone else, and we don’t need all of the same people. I wonder what the next trendy music is going to sound like. Looking back 50 years it was way different, and i can’t imagine what music is going to sound like later in life. I bet it’s going to be really weird, or we are all going to do what we did back in the day and it will be like the 80’s all over again.

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