This is a Shameless Plug

The question “What is your dream job?” may seem like an easy one to answer, but for me it is not. Many people have dreams and goals that are completely different from what they actually want to do with their lives. If you like cats for instance, that doesn’t mean you want to have a job where all you do is focus on cats. Like owning an all cats coffee shop or something. I love cats, but that’s not on my agenda, and now i’m on a tangent about cats.. Anyway, my point is that I personally have so many hobbies and things that i love to do, so i’ll share with you a few things that i love to do, and what i could see myself doing in a “dream job”


MyShadow EP - Front Cover first of many hobbies that i can say has been easily one of the most fun, beneficial, and rewarding things in my life. Since i love to do this so much it’s hard to call it a hobby. Playing, writing, and performing music has been something that i have focused on since i was 8 years old. I have written and recorded 3 albums and performed many times throughout Illinois. My current band Wayfarer actually just put out our second EP called, Shadow EP. We recorded it here in Greenville, and many awesome people helped us to make it sound really great, and we are super proud of it. So, i could definitely see myself playing with Wayfarer for a living. Touring, and recording music sounds like it would be super fun. I know that it is not easy to do, especially when you have people you love at home.

Another hobby of mine that i would love to turn into a career is making videos for a living. Ever since i was 11 i loved to skateboard and watch all of these guys throw themselves down the craziest things. Videos of the skateboarders were so artsy and cool that i wanted to make some of my own. Even if i wasn’t skating in them, i wanted to be apart of one. One of the first videos i saw that inspired me to make little films and posters was a skate video called Good and Evil by the company called Toy Machine. This video showed me that not only the skating in the video was important, but that the music behind the skating, and the funny little intros and different transitions really made this video amazing. It’s also super funny, because they put other things in the video that happened while skating, such as fighting off people who are attempting to stop them from skating, or drinking beer or whatever. (Which obviously when i was in middle school was the coolest thing ever.)

casey_portrait_818-818x545 To save you and myself from anymore boredom i’m going to keep it at one more dream job. making videos can go a long way in many different directions. Whether that be making movies, mini films, vlogging(video blogging) or maybe making commercials. It would be an amazing job to set up, and shoot videos for different people. I also think that vlogging would be an awesome dream job.Casey Neistat is a film maker, and Vlogger and YouTuber that has really inspired me to simply make. He has made hundreds of films, and he pretty much documented his entire year in 2015. It’s awesome to know that someone can do what they love everyday, and put it out there for the world to see, and people actually love it. Being creative is an essential part of life and whatever i end up doing with my life i hope to God that i can be creative.


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