Using Boredom To Your Advantage

Do we need to be bored to be creative? This might seem counter productive but as Vsauce breaks down the science we can see that our boredom can be the key to new innovations, new thoughts, and new art. If you think about it, it makes sense. We get our boredom from lack of stimulation.

So when does boredom become a real problem? I find myself bored far more than I should and with that boredom, depression can loom not so far behind. When my boredom becomes too immense it can be difficult to become motivated to do anything. So what are some ways that we can avoid reaching this level of being so bored that its sad? Here are a few tips to help prevent boredom and turn it in to productive and even creative time.

1. Eliminate distractions.


One of my biggest causes of boredom is distractions. Distractions such as the internet or tv require little attention and tend to lead us into boredom because our brains do not become stimulated enough. So when we find ourselves occupied with low level tasks we should step away from them and find something that peeks our interest.


2. Get rid of schedule gaps


Have that schedule filled up and keep yourself busy. If you keep a constant flow of work and momentum you will be less likely to become stagnant and in turn become bored. If you find yourself with a gap in your schedule fill your time with something productive. If you can’t find something to fill your schedule use the extra time you for reflection. I often use my down time to write music



3. Dealing with obstacles

Sometimes you’ll find yourself unable to do work due to your environment. Be it a lack of wifi or a lack of the necessary materials¬†needed to complete your work. Times like these will be when you need to occupy yourself and what better way to occupy yourself with creativity. Keep a pencil and pad with you so that you can write, sketch, or just organize and plan ahead for when you are able to get back to work.



4. Lack of motivation


This could be the biggest issue that I have. Lack of motivation can be a short or long term problem. When dealing with a lack of motivation in the short term sense you can take steps to avoid it from becoming a long term problem. Some of these include setting smaller goals, pushing yourself to start; once you get started you’ll get the momentum to keep going, and finding inspiration. When dealing with long term lack of motivation you should take time to reflect and sort out your priorities. Here is a list of helpful hints to get you motivated.

So in the end, don’t let your boredom consume you. Use it to your advantage and when you see yourself becoming bored on the regular snap out of it and occupy your brain. Learn something something that expands your mind, pickup a new hobby, or take some time to get outside and be around people who help keep you productive.

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