“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

We hear this all the time when we’re kids and more often than not the answer will change the older we get. The usual answer you’ll hear from kids is astronaut or firefighter(yeah, I’m giving stereotypical answers) and if you would have asked me at a young I would’ve probably rock star(an even more stereotypical answer). But as a kid who grew up listening to bands like Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, and Creed(still a fan, no shame) I loved music and wanted nothing more than to make it.

My dad and I '97
My dad and I ’97

I would go through the years watching my dad play guitar and drums and even try my hand at it but it wouldn’t be until I was about 14 years old that I would actually pick up an instrument of my own and pursue the dream I’d had for years. I began getting a few intro lessons from my 8th grade history teacher after I watched him perform some originals in class. Though he only taught me the basics of the instrument I am forever grateful that he took the time to teach me.

After I had some experience under my belt I decided to go it alone. I began to teach myself songs using tabs and began to develop my own taste in music and finding my identity in my instrument. I began to learn some of my favorites from when I was a kid and even some of the newer bands I was discovering. Bands such as Billy talent, Deftones, and Smile Empty Soul. As I began to make my way into high school I found friends who also enjoyed playing music and began to have jam sessions. But it wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I would discover the world of Metal and form a band.

Cowards Plea '11
Cowards Plea ’11

Cowards Plea was formed and lasted for about a year until we went on hiatus for short time only to reunite and then disband permanently a year later after some small shows. But during those two years, we released an EP, toured, and had the great opportunity to play with a lot of bands such as Close Your Eyes, Lower Than Atlantis, and IWRESTLEDABEARONCE. As well as many fantastic local acts throughout the state. While the experience was short lived I think that it helped me to better understand networking, basic audio engineering, as well as properly handling merchandise.

After coming to Greenville I was eager to start another band and get stuff going but I was greeted with a lot of people who were all talk. I would get a group together and things would shortly die out because no one would be fully invested in the endeavor. It wasn’t until last year that I managed to get a group  together and practicing consistently and we dubbed ourselves Union, which was shortly changed to Union Grove. I had found the group of people that wanted to create and play music with passion as much as I did. After being together for a year now we are about to release our first EP and we plan to go on a tour this summer.

Union Grove @ Halloween Show
Union Grove @ Halloween Show

All I can say is that if you told me as a kid that in college I would be on my way to becoming a musician(and a professional DMer of course) that I wouldn’t have believed it and even now I find it hard to believe that people are really enjoying our music and looking forward to our future progress. Hopefully, we will not disappoint.

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