Acorns Ablaze

In the Beginning…

Jimmy Menk Memorial Park was home to a multitude of adorable friendly woodland creatures.  All of the animals lived in peace and harmony.  However, one day one of our animal friends, a young deer by the name of Jimmy Menk, decided to venture off to discover new reaches of the forest in search of new friends. Jimmy had promised his fellow animal friends that he would return with stories of the land beyond the forest. Time had passed and not a single sign of Jimmy had turned up.  Finally, Jimmy’s best friend, Spirit the Squirrel, had gone long enough without hearing back from his friend and decided to venture out to find him. After searching and searching, Spirit had discovered something terrible. Something that would change the world Spirit knew and loved so much. He had discovered his dearest friend had been hunted for sport. Spirit’s heart fell to the floor. Something resembling a black hole had consumed Spirit’s heart as he stared into the dead, cold eyes of his dear beloved friend. Consumed by the sheer hatred for the monster behind this catastrophe, Spirit, cold hearted and feeling no compassion for any living being, set out on a vendetta to take the life of the monster. After searching for what seemed like a lifetime he had finally found the monsters behind the murder of Jimmy. The monsters were those of a neighboring community. Their homes towered high and the air smelled of gasoline.  These monsters were known as humans. Suddenly with the hole in Spirit’s heart growing stronger and stronger, he couldn’t contain his rage anymore. Spirit then made a decision. He would kill every last human and avenge his dead comrade.  He would fight until his life was taken from his cold, dead, hand.  Which just so happen to be holding a Glock 43.

Release Date: May 13, 2016

The Team:
Joey Seabaugh, Lead Developer and Project Manager
Paul Anderson, Lead Designer and Co-Manager
Jon Urshan, Lead Play Tester and Timeline Analyst
Noah Henry, Logo Creator and Design Consultant
Ameen Makki, Testing Administrator and Consultant

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Gameplay Instructions:  

  • WASD to Move
  • Mouse to aim
  • Left Click to Shoot
  • Space to Dash
  • Survive

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