In the year 2025 a worldwide virus broke out, which left my planet in a state of panic. In hopes of having a future, a program was started by the government, Alpha 7. The team of scientists who were working on securing a future needed test subjects who had not yet been infected by this deadly virus, so I volunteered. I figured that it would be safer at a testing facility than out in the cities where hundreds of people were dying every day. I was wrong. I was kept at the testing facility being inhumanely experimented on for two years along with the other test subjects who had not yet been infected by the virus. I was unable to escape until an radioactive explosion at the testing facility left a hole in my unit I took that chance and ran from the horrible monsters who I call The Forsaken. Now, the facility and everything around that area is infected with radiation. Every day is a battle that I must face to survive; I was damned here by my own doing. I must fight against the mutated. So, how long can you survive?

The Team:
Marcia Freeman – Management/Environmental Design & Character Design/Testing
John Freeman – Character AI/Programming/Testing
Matt Bauman –  Audio Engineer/3D Modeling
Danielle Marsch – 3D Modeling/Level Design
Trevor Montgomery – Programming

Contest High Scores
1. James with 61 points

2. Johnny with 55 points

3. Max with 48 points

Game Reviews:

“Overall, I loved it! Really fun and intriguing to try and figure out!”

“Love the game and zombies.”

“I like the game. You guys did a good job developing it.”

“Persistent world is nice. Car > Machete”

Download it Here!

MetroUI-Folder-OS-OS-Apple-iconwindows version


Game Instructions:

WASD to move
Left Shift to Sprint
Mouse to aim
Left click to shoot
Space to jump
E to get into inventory
F to pick up items
1,2,3,4,5,6 switch through the items
Tab to see score


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