I See the Future

Written and media by Kelsey Neier.

Remember when your Mom would tell you about how easy life was back in the good old days? When her phone was connected to a wall and she walked to her friend’s house to hangout? Remember how she told you how much simpler and easier life was back then? Sure, it may have been simple, but that’s boring. She sees a complicated present, while I see an advanced future full of promise. I am pleased with how far technology has come. I love being able to experience a world filled with 3D video, virtual reality games and phones I can carry in my pocket. I see technological advancements that have grown and continue to improve and break boundaries. So what does the future look like for me?

Self driven cars.

Google has been working on self driving cars for a long time now. They already have some prototypes they are testing out not only on their team members, but the general public as well. These cars are small and efficient. They know when to stop, go and work their way carefully around curbs and roadblocks. Nearly 1.3 million people die each year due to road crashes. On average, that is about 3,287 deaths per day. We would be saving so many lives and could use that time spent inside our cars to interact with our family, or be more productive. It is pretty neat to already have these prototypes driving around, even if there are a few kinks we have to work out before releasing them to the masses for purchase.


We have seen holograms portrayed in movies such as Iron Man, Tron, and Star Wars. There will be many different types of holograms that will allow us to see different things. There will be holograms popping up from our phones, smart watches, computers and tablets. We will be able to see and touch the time, weather, set an alarm, write something in our planner and pick out what we want to wear – all through holograms. We will be able to video chat with hologram people, check flight information and enter in passwords by interacting with this new kind of technology. Holograms will take over the world and it will be amazing.

Hologram in Iron Man. Source: http://www.3dart.it

Smart fridges.

In the future every home will have a smart fridge, and if you don’t, what are you doing with your life? Smart fridges will order food and suggest recipes based on what you have in your fridge. They will also be programmed to create shopping lists and inform us when our food is rotting. This will majorly cut down on food waste. When it is time to clean your fridge out it will do the job for you! That’s right, the smart fridge will be self cleaning. The online supermarket Ocado has teamed up with the science University of Central Lancashire to create these beautiful appliances that I am sure we will see in the very near future.

Keep your food fresh. Purchase a smart fridge. Source:http://www.yankodesign.com
Keep your food fresh. Purchase a smart fridge. Source: http://www.yankodesign.com


Although cloning has already been done, I believe that in the future we will see it done more often, and on humans. In 2006, Dolly the sheep was the first successfully cloned animal. We have been cloning animals for awhile now. In 2015, scientists made the first cloned stem cell that can transform into any tissue in the body. We could clone ourselves in parts and store them away incase we needed a new set of limbs or a liver. There is still an ethical concern about cloning and “playing God” but if it saves a human’s life, can it really be a bad thing? Think about the possibilities!

Dolly the sheep lived for seven years until she died of progressive lung disease. This is not believed to be directly resulted from cloning, but instead is common for her breed. Source:http://www.slate.com
Dolly the sheep lived for seven years until she died of progressive lung disease. This is not believed to be directly resulted from cloning, but instead is a common disease for her breed. Source: http://www.slate.com

What do you see in the future?

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