Kills On Wheels: A Big Thumbs Up

Rupaszov (Thuróczy Szabolcs)

I had the honor of viewing Kills On Wheels at the 52nd Chicago International Film Festival. I will always remember this movie and will forever recommend it to anyone and everyone. Thank you, Attila Till and Judit Stalter, for making a truly great film.

Kills On Wheels is a revolutionary film that creates fictional actions into life-like moments on the big screen. The dark comedy thriller brings a movie about a disabled hitman and his new-found and growing friendships with two other disabled young adults. The hitman, Rupaszov (Thuróczy Szabolcs), was a firefighter who was injured on the job leaving him nearly paralyzed waist down. After his relationship with his fiancee shrivels, he begins to drink yet somehow becomes involved with mafia boss Rados (Dusan Vitanovics) and performing hits on rival families. By being bound to a wheelchair, no one suspects his identity and intentions, therefore every hit goes without difficulty. At the rehabilitation and care facility, Rupaszov begins to befriend two young men, Zoli (Fenyvesi Zoltán) and Barba (Fekete Ádám), both born with their disabilities and roommates at the facility.

Zoli (Fenyvesi Zoltán)

Once the family Rupaszov works for decided to go for the heart of the rivals, Rupaszov takes Zoli and Barba under his wing to help him on his jobs. They quickly create a chemistry together, but Rados finds out and orders Rupaszov to execute his friends. After nearly drowning Zoli and Barba, finishing the jobs, and survives Rados punishment, Rupaszov and Zoli go for Rados, scaring his dogs, and killing him, not after Rados kills Rupaszov with multiple stab wounds. Zoli steals the amount of money for his life-saving surgery.

During the film, the story of Rupasov, the disabled firefighter-gone-hitman, is a fabrication of the imaginations of Zoli and Barba as they try to reach their goal of creating a comic book that they hope to get published. This mind blowing ending leaves us with the satisfaction of critics and interest of publication.

Barba (Fekete Ádám)

Kills On Wheels is a Hungarian film directed and co-written by Attila Till. Till said the desire and inspiration to make this movie was from his volunteer work with the disabled since they are widely neglected compared to other countries, such as America. Producer, Judit Stalter, also explained Till’s inspirations in detail at the festival during a Director Q&A session after the showing and how Till’s experience and sensitivity helped make this movie better than anyone thought imaginable. Stalter also shared the processes of the filming, difficulties of finances and schedules, favorite moments, and the chemistry between Fenyvesi Zoltán and Fekete Ádám that made the filming process that much more amazing.

The way Attila Till worked Fenyvesi Zoltán and Fekete Ádám is amazing and emotional. The chemistry between Fenyvesi, who is wheelchair bound because of a spinal disability, and Fekete, who suffers from a mild case of cerebral palsy, is so obvious that it seems like the two have been life-long friends. While the action scenes and the creative criminal hits are fun and awesome, my favorite parts of the film are the quirky humor between the three adults, such as the party with the three nurses, conversations between Rupaszov and Rados, and Zoli having to sit on Rupaszov because his wheelchair ran out of juice. My favorite is Fekete’s character’s habit of spraying deodorant on himself over his clothes whenever he is excited or nervous stating, “Cause you’ll never know when chicks will be around,” while in the middle of nowhere fishing on a pond.

Rupaszov, Zoli, and Barba.

With US distribution now figured out, Kills On Wheels hopes to be officially released in March 2017. You can be sure that I will buy it on release day and play it on repeat for days to come annoyingly showing friends, family, and strangers. Kills On Wheels was the surprise I was not expecting and has turned into my favorite film of 2016 and is on the ballot for my favorite film all time.

Atilla Till and Kills On Wheels: you have a big thumbs up. Keep on going.

barba and deodorant
Barba spraying deodorant at the pond.


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