Security v. Privacy

Ever since the tragedy of 9/11 and the passing of the Patriot Act, the battle between security versus privacy has been a hot topic. People want to be safe and want the government to watch out for them, but they would prefer to keep the untitled-picturegovernment out of their private life. The problem is finding where to draw that line. My personal thought is that the government does a little more snooping than it should, but they are not the only ones that track our every move. I know I personally have tons of apps that track my location all the time, or have access to my camera, or have access to my Facebook profile. In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to not have at least something invading your privacy, even if it is only slightly. Our cell phones hold more information about us than anything else, and that is why cell phone security is one of the biggest battlegrounds when discussing this topic. A recent battle over the security of cell phones was between Apple and the FBI. The FBI wanted Apple to help break the encryption of an iPhone, and Apple said no. It wasn’t that Apple did not want to help fbioswith the investigation, but that they did not want to lose the trust that they have built with their customers. They pride themselves on the security of their devices, and making a backdoor that only the good guys will use is impossible. If Apple were to have created an exploit, eventually it would have gotten into the wrong hands. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, talks about this in the video below. This was one of the few times that I have respected a decision made by Apple, but how long will it last? I am not sure that tech companies will always be able to say “no” to creating a way for the government to access their devices, and that is a scary thought.


This is my real problem with companies and governments having access to so much on my devices. I am not particularly fond of them snooping around, but I really do not want someone else getting in. Tim Cook says that the idea of a backdoor that is only for the good guys is an impossible idea, and I completely agree. For me, this is the problem with security versus privacy. Our lack of privacy is making us less secure from the bad guys, and that is a problem that the government seems to ignore. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution, and we as a people have all but given up on privacy. We as a collective people are willing to give up privacy for a sense of security.

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