My Dream Job Necessities

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Growing up we all had a dream job in mind. For many of us those jobs included, wanting to be an astronaut, police officer, firefighter, doctor, and so on. Not to discredit the great work and need for the people in those fields, but as we continue to grow and learn more about ourselves, our passions, what we’re good at, or even what is necessary to benefit the people and world around us, those ideal dream jobs may often change. I too had those same thoughts as a young kid, but I eventually started to realize I was more of a creative, and that following a path that would allow for me to create and express myself would be a more successful career route for me. Honestly, I don’t have a particular dream job anymore, at least not at the moment, because I want to do many things while incorporating all my talents into the things I do. I have a passion for many art forms such as, music, photography and videography. Not only are these things my passion but they are things I’m effortlessly good at. Of course there’s always room for improvement and growth, which I’m always willing to learn, but overall people enjoy my work in these fields and I don’t even consider myself a professional yet. As I mentioned, I don’t have a particular dream job in mind since I want to do many things with my talents, but in no particular order, here is a list of demands my ideal satisfying career must meet:


  1. Flexibility

A flexible schedule is important to me when it comes to a career I could comfortably identify as a dream job or a satisfying career. I have no desire to work a job that won’t allow for me to attend things like a Christmas get together, family members birthday’s, or dance recitals for my future children. Society often puts work before everything else in our lives, which leads to unhappiness.


  1. Potential to Grow

I aspire to never stop growing in life. I want to continuously grow and become better as long as I live and having a job that allows for that to be possible rather than repeating the same practice in a cubical everyday would be great.


  1. Salary
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Although money isn’t what true happiness is in life, I know that it’s very necessary in today’s society, especially when it plays a role in your works worth. Your work and time is valuable, and feeling you’re being underpaid for those things can feel insulting. I’m not trying to be the world’s richest individual but I do want my time and work to be acknowledged appropriately and to be able to live very comfortably.


  1. Freedom

As a creative, having that unlimited range to create and express myself is very important. I understand that at times there are general guidelines to follow to accomplish a specific goal in the line of work, but overall I would say having freedom to break away from traditional ways of performing tasks for a job is important for it is tradition that many of times weakens the mind and limits the brains plasticity.


  1. Respect
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Respect is very important to me and is a must in a career field. I can’t thrive, nor do I believe a business can righteously thrive, in an environment that doesn’t respect all walks of life. No one should feel hated, uncomfortable, or mistreated by anyone at any time, especially in a workplace environment.


  1. Quality, Purity, and Justice

These three things are very important to me and are a part of my ideal dream job. It’s simple, produce great content (quality), be able to be true and not artificial with yourself and customers/audience (purity), and be righteous and moral to everyone and everything (justice).


What are your dream job demands?

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