Is having digital relationships healthy or not?

Written and Media by James Hudson

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Image by Jazzmine Hudson

We currently live in a world where technology has overtaken our lives. It even starts to bleed into our relationships that we have with people. Couples may not be aware of it when they’re on their phones, but unconsciously they speak to their partner on the phone more than they do in person. Surveys shows that 25 percent of married or partnered adults who text have texted their partner when they’re both home together. It seems kinda awkward that the time you should be spending time with your significant other and having conversations with them verbally comes down to the two of you texting each other while you’re in the same household. Some relations work out like that surprisingly with no signs of any danger and other times it’s completely not healthy at all. Should it ever come down to that situation? I believe not but to each their own. With dating sites like Tinder, eHarmony and Match, finding a relationship can be virtually easy. Although you can probably throw Tinder out of that equation because that’s a hit or miss. I’ve known a couple of people in life who actually used Tinder as a means of trying to find a relationship. Some of them are ended up being successful and finding the one for them and others turned into a nightmare for both parties. It also comes down to whether or not if the person you swiped left for also did the same thing for you which becomes a lottery at that point. eHarmony and Match are completely different since it bases your matches off of who you are as a person. Which if you put the time and effort into making your profile and telling the people on the site who you are as a person the more matches with the same interest as you.

We also have to understand that not everyone has been affected by technology to the point where they only text each other as a means of communication. FaceTime and Skype plays a huge role in Digital Relationships as a means of communication for the sole reason of long distance relationships. My sister Jazzmine was in a long distance relationship with her fiance for almost two years. She met Jordan at a conference for her work and due to them being on different sides of the states, the only means of communication was through Skype and talking and texting on the phone. It wasn’t damaging to their relationship in the slightest and I’m sure that scenario isn’t the first time that has happened. After a couple of years, they were finally able to rent out an apartment in Iowa and finally move in together. I’m sure that scenario isn’t uncommon at all and people have long distance relationships all the time but not all of them works out the same way it did for my sister.

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Surprisingly enough, relationships can also form in Video Games and it seems common in mmo’s in particular. World of Warcarft in particular has many stories of people who winded up in relationships. There’s a particular server where people role play either the game’s lore or scenarios that the community makes up. This server is also where most people ended up getting into relationships  due to being in character for so long. Especially when you the scenario requires a husband and wife. Ironically enough and this doesn’t happen all the time but the people who ends up playing those roles either end up in a relationship outside the game or even end up getting married.


I believe that love knows no boundaries. Some people are able to develop relationships without the use of technology and some aren’t. Having digital relationships isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all as a means of trying to find your significant other. The only thing people need to be aware of is, once you’re in a relationship that you shouldn’t let digital media influence the way your relationship turns out to be.

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