A Nerd and a Geek Dance to Contraxioms.

John Freeman



Paul and Maria’s Chapter on Contraxioms gave me a lot of knowledge on Geek’s and myself, I found many concepts relatable and some other concepts not as related, despite the fact that I do believe myself to be a geek. What I mean is, I see that there is also a middle ground, some people have geek-like parts to their personality, even if they aren’t. I found a wonderful example this weekend.

Reading made me realize that I’m not as geeky as I thought I was. I don’t rely on data as much as Geek’s usually do. I also do not rely on certainty and knowing exactly what how a situation should go. I hang on more to emotional impulses in, not all, but many situations. I find myself using more emotion than facts and knowledge when I’m in a situation. I can recall a situation where this was apparent from just this weekend.

I went to this weekend’s Swing; a yearly event where Greenville college students can come into the dc and learn a how to dance on a big stage with the help of an instructor. It was a Charity event setup by GCSA for Eden’s Glory where your previous swing dancing skills did not matter, so sign me up!

Me and My girlfriend went to dance, and I could see the difference between both of our personalities. She is a very studios double major, great study habits, always schedules her day. In other words, while she isn’t in a technical field like computer science, she is by far a geek like described in the chapter. She always compiles her day and needs a decision to be made. I on the other hand, am probably too laid back about how things are getting done. Yet at the same time, when I’m excited, it’s more about emotion than data to me.

The main example being, when we started to swing dance I began to have fun and not care about how bad we were, I was loving the moment, and no matter how our steps went, I was just laughing away at the fact that I knew how to move my feet properly without stepping on hers. We would stop often during the dance though, Sunny was having fun but she was also observing the environment, “gathering Intel” on some of the more seasoned dancers. She would direct us and have us test out new moves (which we were supposed to do honestly). One things that was more geek-like about me was my anxiousness to keep dancing rather than stop and analyze. I wanted to put our feet into practice, Sunny knew we had to at least “know” something before we did that…a smart choice being how clumsy I can be.

Seeing the Contraxiom’s between my geek and her nerd personality was fun during the dance, and we only stepped on each other’s feet once!

( Using this report as an excuse to put my favorite song for swing dance song added here. Because no one should go through their life without listening to April Showers by Proleter)

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