Client trust Inquiries.

Written by John Freeman


Restoring Client trust is an important skill to have. Broken trust and outright conflict is a tough thing to deal with, I can only give inquiries to the solutions I have seen from other people, and related moments I have experienced and researched.

as far as my personal experience with client trust goes, flat out Unhappy Clients who directly blame you for the problem is rare at the IT helpdesk. “Thankfully” I am a college student who has been in group projects; I have run into quite a few small pseudo-client trust problems. One thing I know is how I am improving client trust with between my fellow group members through initiative. During the early-middle stages of our group project, a more senior member of our group felt that me and another member where not being active in helping out the group. This was slightly true only because we as the “programmers” of the group only had so much we could during that stage of the project. Out of the 8 steps mentioned in the book, Here are the one I followed.


I was already prepared, I knew that the member was stressed, not at us exactly but just at the time constraint and the difficulty of our work. I already knew that this person was going to start complaining at other people. I gathered the facts, I knew how much work we did on the project and that we were not completely slacking over. I would use this to sadly be forced to dispute the facts of the angry member. Sadly, despite us standing strong, the “client’s” trust was broken, and we couldn’t function as a full group without trust. Fixing it took a while but eventually we handled the problem by adding more initiative and doing more work for the group to see. Like this article, I also apologized (though we did nothing, it was easier this way and settled emotions) and Assessed the situation together with the entire group.

Like the beginning of this video and in this article, trust is one of the number one ways to get a client. Working at the IT desk, all technicians are encouraged to personally bring finished laptops, keep communicating with clients, and be very thorough when working on a ticket. This is because it builds trust with GC staff, faculty, and students who come to us for help.

So in the end? Be good to clients to repair trust and keep trust maintained. Because trust is what where selling first, if you take the football away from a client, you had better be ready to apologize and asses the situation!


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