The first sentence of this chapter is the best and truest sentence ever read.. “public speaking is one of life’s most stressful events”. No matter how long you prepare and practice to speak in front of people, it still will be the most nerve wrecking  thing ever. And in this case we are talking about geeks presenting in front of business people. Geeks may have a reason to feel nervous because in the book it states that business people often respond badly to geeks and how they present things, so therefore geeks tend to shy away from presenting to people who really don’t know what a geek might be talking about.

Just like how it is in school, you may push off trying to present for so long, but eventually you are going to have to do it and get it over with. In order to succeed you have to do some stuff that you are not comfortable with, and not just do it, you have to do it well. But if you get yourself together, meaning preparing, practicing, going over your information over and over again, you will be successful in your presentation. When it comes to presenting, you do not have to be the best speaker in the world, you don;t have to throw out candy to get your audiences attention, you just have to be focused and relevant. When you prepare for your presentation in front of business people there is a five step process that you can follow to help make it easier on yourself. They are clarify your goal, get into their heads, craft a transformation, present, connect, and resonate and last conclude with a call to action.

The first step is clarifying your goal, when clarifying your goal you need to organize your thinking of what you want to say. Thinking around problems and solutions, once you have that together everything else just falls into place. When making a presentation, you should have reasons or list as to how you want your presentation to go, especially when presenting in front of a certain group of people. If you don’t have a clear idea as to what you want to say, then you should wait to present because if you don’t know what you are presenting about… neither will your audience. The book gives off the most common purpose of presenting in front of business people, they are influence decisions, manage expectations and share status, leverage opportunities, and leverage technology.

Getting into their heads.. with this process you must think about what the audience members need in order to change. Three questions you have to consider are, what is the starting point, what do they really need to know and what do they need to feel. With the starting point make sure you have all the information that’s needed to they can get a gist of what this is going to be about.

When going into what they need to know, this step is important for me because when I tend to prepare for a presentation, I try to remember every single thing that I know, and then tell the audience everything that I learned. The audience doesn’t really need to know that because they are going to get bored and you are sharing with them stuff that is not relevant to them at all. You have to think about the minimum information that you want your audience to know to achieve your goal. Because if you’re telling them everything you wrote down, they aren’t going to learn anything from what you just told them.

You have to communicate with your audience as well. As for me I am not a good public speaker, I get nervous, I don’t talk loud and I move around to much not making any contact with my audience. So in order for you to be a good communicator with your audience you should talk loud, let it show, diffuse nervous energy and pause and look

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