Firm Shake, Soft Skill

Hello to all my followers and fellow bloggers! Can you believe I am on my second blog in less than a seven day period? Neither can I but it is what it is. Quick shoutout to my fellow aspiring CPAs. Trying to study for a CPA exam attend school or work full-time is no joke. If there is anyone out there struggling through a Gearty lecture, just know, you are not alone. Back to my this week’s blog. This week I will be discussing soft skills, more specifically one soft skill – the handshake.

For all you geeks who think you cannot get away with fist bumps, booty bumps, bro hugs, sending IM hearts, and telepathic affirmation, I am sorry to inform you in the words of Nick Burns, “Wrong…You’re welcome.” Geeks listen closely. To make up for my stern and somewhat rude into, I will make it up to you all with quality hyperlinks and some enticing media. DO NOT FORGET, a solid handshake is pretty much the cornerstone of soft skills. Do not tune me out just yet.

A handshake is simply a soft skill. What is a soft skill? Well, a soft skill is simply defined by what is used to influence other people’s experience (Glen and McManus, 2014). Why is a handshake crucial? A handshake is crucial because it is usually the first encounter you have with someone during a meeting, or when simply greeting someone. Now, let’s move on and step through how to execute a handshake.

How do you approach a handshake? Check out the picture below.

Above you see the approach of hands. Below show the execution or climax of a perfect handshake.

Now that you people can actuallu envision what a firm handshake looks like, let’s take the time to watch a video on how to shake hands:

WOW. No we have seen a visual and watched a video of how to propely shake hands.

If you are all inspire and want to find way to impress someone with a handshake, please follow these 9 keys:

  1. Stand for handshakes
  2. Know the rules for handshake intiation
  3. Web of your hand meets web of other person’s web = handshake activated
  4. Offer a firm handshake
  5. People shouldn’t hurt your fashion
  6. Consider age and health issues
  7. Reap the halo effect
  8. Offer you hand after an introduction has been made

There is a way to slaughter a handshake. Do not slaughter a soft skill. If you can program and speak in multiple computer langauges, please know how to shake another peron’s hand. Here are six ways to slaughter a handshake: the sweaty slip, limp fish, pinch, hand-holder, avoider, crushing gripper. DO NOT DO ANY OF THE SIX PRECEEDING SHAKES.

My personal experience with soft skills, especially handshakes, began at a young age. My father is human resource manager and has abnomormialy large, bone crushing hands. I had no choice but to lean the importance of a handshaks, which may have inevitbly led me to business and an abnormal digust for undisciplned soft skills. Enough about me because I am about to go on an insane rant about people I have met with TERRIBLE soft skills.

DINKIN FLICKA, yo… Okay, I do not know what dinkin flicka means so I may just said a deragtory word out of ingorance. I am two weeks from graduating and have been bit more courageous with my my work, which I am not quiet sure if it is smart idea or not. Any ways, watch a manager from the office bond with one of his employees over a customized handshake to show a relationship beyond business between the two.

Of course, there is always an exception to a soft skill. Context is key. If you have a relationship built with someone or you are aware of someone’s prefered style, do not be afraid to have a little fun with shaking hands. Please take the time to watch the video below of professionals at SportsCenter taking handshaking to a whole new level. Enjoy!

Well, my followers and fellow bloggers, there you have it. Handshakes are a big deal in the business world and must be performed in a respectable and disciplined way. Always remeber to understand you enviroment! Are you in a professional setting where you are about to meet with high levels executives, or are you saying, “what’s up” to a friend by the Kuerig? I promise all you geeks out there, if you make an intentional effort to capitalize on times to use soft skills, all the mountain you could ever dream of will be at your disposal. In the voice of Nick Burns, “You’re welcome.”

Signing off for the final time,

C-Dizzle from Californizzle

Stay blessed my friends

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