Influencing – setting a new starndard

What is up my followers and fellow bloggers. You know what it is, another week, another dollar. JUST KIDDING. Another week for me means another blog post and many hours spent studying for the Missouri  Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. I know reading my blog is the favorite part of many individuals week, so I make sure to write to the best of my ability. Don’t fret for one instance, I have a very interesting topic to discuss this week.

This week I am discussing the topic of influence. Furthermore, I am discussing the power of influence in the workplace and how even geeks can influence too! Even you do not think influence is an interesting subject, take five minutes and skim my blog.

Why is this post even relevant to Geeks? Well, it is because geeks lack the ability to influence.

Geeks tend to:

  • not know the difference between influence and power
  • fail when cultivating the preconditions for being influential
  • use techniques that are more suited to salespeople than geeks

There is a solution according to The Geek Leader’s Handbook by Paul Glen and Maria McManus.


  • Is focused on building influence rather than power
  • Is consistent with goals and personalities
  • Works both for them and for those they would like to influence


  1. Reducing Resistance
  2. Using proper techniques to change others’ inner state

Now, let’s take a look at a couple clips from my favorite movie of all-time – Friday Night Lights. a manager, Coach Gaines, influencing his team, the Permian Panthers.

(WARNING, emotions might fly. I apologize in advance)

Reflect for a second and then proceed to the second movie clip:

I say it again, Friday Night Lights is my favorite movie of all time. Only one other movie, Big Hero 6, competed for a quarter or so. ANYWAYS…

What did influence have to do with either clip? From my perspective, I saw a great amount of correlation between the Permian football and influence. In the first clip, you see an authentic and passionate halftime speech from a coach who genuinely loves and cares about his player. Next, you saw a clip of men influenced by a halftime speech. Did Permian come up short? Yes. Did Permian lose in the long run? No.

Have you seen recent Powerade commercials?

  • If yes, then you already know about Permian high schools constant features on them. Do you see Carter high in there? NOPE.
  • Who has a movie? Yep, Permian does.
  • Take a deeper look at clip number two. If you do not know the movie I apologize. You see Mr. Billingsley and his son hugging. Their relationship throughout the movie was toxic but passion and game brought their father, son relationship back. TALK ABOUT A TEAR JERKER.
  • Lastly,
    • Please leave a comment if you have any other feedback or tidbits to mention about either clip. I appreciated continued conversation and feedback, a lot. Thank you in advanced.

My personal experience is pretty unique when it comes to influencing. I have taken many opportunities participate to participate in sports and other various activities. Another role I will forever hold is being an older brother to two little sisters. Whether it is sports, student government, practicing accounting, or being an older brother, I have found great joy in each but there is one form of influence that trumps all others.

Being an older brother, more specifically the oldest child, comes with great responsibility. It is very easy to be a bad influence on younger siblings. Choosing a selfish lifestyle is easy. Not investing your time in others is easy. But I chose to try and be the best influence possible to my two younger siblings.

The men in my immediate family are blue collared. My grandfather(s) never graduated from college, served in Vietnam, and worked labor jobs. Moving forward a generation to my father, he never graduated from college but found his way to an office job. One more generation forward and you get to me. I wanted to influence in a different way. I had to find a way to influence my sisters in a way so they could believe in a life outside of central California. I had to find a way to influence them in a way they had never seen before.

Though my sisters are barely going into high school now, I pray my influence through the years has led them to get a hint of what else is out there. Though my personal experience of influence does not come in a halftime speech or in the workplace, I believe I have affected them in a positive way. My actions of being a first generation college graduate and landing a job in a major city are two of I believe to affect them the most.

Okay, I got sentimental quick. I apologize if any of you are reading this in public and are now crying. Here is a video of Michael Scott sharing a word of wisdom on how influencing individuals can put you in a great retirement spot, or on your death bed. Enjoy!


Thank you for reading my blog followers and fellow bloggers. Just so you all are mentally prepared, I will only publish two more blogs after this week. I know this news may disappoint you all, but I must continue on my journey to achieving a milestone of mine – passing the Missouri Uniform CPA Exam. My wish is that you all have been inspired by my writing.

As always, best wishes to you. Go out into the working world, specialize, and create more wealth.



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