Jolly Motivation! What do Geeks like?

Behold a more difficult subject for some Geeks! Motivation! Another chapter that relates most to proper communication; how does one motivate a team of geeks? what in the world motivates geeks? and how can you create an environment of motivation?

Well for starters, you have to know WHAT motivates us. It’s not the usual. An article titled 11 ways to motivate geeks  is a start. Things like limiting group size and selecting wisely what a geek works on are good things to consider when trying to keep a Geek motivated. Geek’s usually work in a way that requires isolation, they are more focused on the technical side of their work.Another one comes straight from the book, give us what we deserves, RECOGNITION. Heres a video that I may or may not have stolen from one of Deloy’s reviews that shows perfectly what I mean.

See that? don’t do that. Geeks love being recognized for the work they have done (though without the huge party). This just helps us turn into frustrated people that just banish ourselves to our corner offices.

Things that also don’t motivate us? From the book, Sometimes formal events, parties and giving us plaques will not motivate us as much as silent but sincere recognition. Personally, I only agree with this by 90%. I know it sounds silly, but many technical people enjoy getting recognition through large social event. I know I would, Steve Jobs(despite his controversies and faults), Mark Zuckerberg, Todd Howard are examples of technical people who are also usually speaking for their companies, They are good Geek leaders. Here is a good article on what motivation means to Geeks.

A motivated Geek is a great person to have in the workforce. maybe don’t throw them a party, but recognizing their work is what will help us realize we belong in a business.

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