New Tech, and Properly working with vulnerable clients.

Introducing New Tech can be a grueling process. It can be very difficult (if your a geek) to who a non-geek why a new piece of hardware or software will not only help you, but the company as a whole. For many reasons. To start off? We think differently, thus, we will talk about something differently.

Many Geeks who don’t know how to properly talk to other people, will simply not make learning the new tech a fun experience. We focus on objectives when we are using our new tech. As the book says, we use new tech to provide flawless technology, meet every deadline, come in under budget, and include every feature users were expecting. Finding these objectives will not feel the same way for non-geeks. Non-geeks will feel like they aren’t being considered, cared for, empowered, or respected. I cant stress how important it is for us to introduce a tech in a way that does more than just “explain it’s benefits”. Every time some people come into the I.T. center some of their first words are along the line of “I’m an idiot don’t judge me.” This is because certain people know that they will feel “weakened” if they have to work with something they never touched before. So as you introduce the new tech, you have to do so in a way that makes the client’s/fellow employees feel like they are appreciated for making the change.

This one does it right because the company is sending a person to personally spend time and talk to the new clients.

To properly sell to them following steps like this article’s is key; Make sure they know what is in it for them, make the benefit outweigh the change. Get a network, find other people who also want to use this new technology and/or are more familiar with it, it’s a matter of influence when they see that their close friends are liking the tech. Create training events! Kinda like the video above but with more people, this article says that you should put together training events; Things like events reward people for using new technology.

To close, Remember to know how other people are feeling, when we are given something we don’t understand we are vulnerable. make sure you properly sympathize with the vulnerability or you will end up with a frustrated and/or discouraged client.

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