Passion Doesn’t Advance

So this was a Good chapter for me. I found myself disagreeing then agreeing with certain things in  the chapter.

The first point the chapter made that said “Don’t follow your passion” at first confused me. I felt like our passions where the starting point of where we wanted to go. While we don’t know where we are going to end up, our passions are always the starting point, the beginning path we take. That’s when I found this video.

I found this and a plethora of videos saying “DON’T FOLLOW YOUR PASSION”…..after I searched Youtube’s search bar with the words “follow your passion“. It was funny.  It gave me a wakeup call and a new slap of wisdom on my head. I then realized that the book was right, my personal opinion is the same as this video, search for opportunity.Like in this article, following your passion will not alone advance you in life.

When your a Geek you are technical, your not just doing something because it feels good. When you have a job or are in the job market, you are finding out what needs a change and finding the most efficient way for you to correct the job. in this next video, Mike Rowe talks about how an Entrepreneur barely goes the same way. This also relates to Geeks, if we see a more technical way to do something, we go for the opportunity. That’s why Geek’s are the ones inventing “shortcuts” for a business to use data, we always create or deploy easier technology.

Here is a Good article to close with, It says “Successful Entrepreneurs don’t just start businesses, they solve problems” Many successful Entrepreneurs are also problem solvers. As Geek’s we advance ourselves by finding a problem and solving it for either our fellow employees or a client. Next comes something like a promotion or pay for finding a solution to something. Following our passion is good but not if we only focus on increasing something, when it comes down to it, our objective should be to fix a problem we have found.

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